What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


6. Perfect?

Justin: baby come back hereee!!!

I looked back at him and stuck my tongue out.

Becca: Catch me first...

I turned back around and kept skating.

I felt arms around my waist and I jumped.

Justin: I caught you.

I smiled at him and went to kiss him but quickly pulled away and skated the other way.

Justin: You're paying for that one ..

It's been about 5 months and every month we go back to the ice skating rink where it all started. I'm the most in love i've ever been. Justin has been staying at my house at night. He says he doesnt like the thought of me being alone. He also said that if something would happen to me he would feel like a terrible person for not being there or some shit like that.

Justin: MWAH

I felt arms around my waist then lips on my cheek.

Justin: Since I caught you, I deserve a real one this time...

I looked at him and slowed down and turned around and gave him a kiss. He pulled my body closer to his and didn't let me go. I heard a few screams and I laughed a bit.

Becca: They found youuuu!

I smiled at Justin and he held me close so I couldn't escape.

Becca: I don't like being attacked! Lemme go!

Justin: Fine, we gotta skate fast.

I smiled at him and nodded. I looked behind us and beliebers were skating toward us.

He took my hand and we started skating fast. He squeezed my hand and I grinned at him. We went faster than usual and one belieber was catching up. She ripped my hand away from Justin's and he looked at me and tried to get my hand again. I fell and my ass hurt.

Justin: Becca!

He turned around and basically ran into the beliebers to get to me. He slid and helped me up. Beliebers started surrounding us and I held on to Justin and hid my face in his chest. He rubbed my back and beliebers started screaming.

Justin: You're safe baby.

He kissed my hair and I nodded slightly.


Justin: I love you too, can I just get Becca off the ice and back to the bench, then I'll come back.

Beliebers screamed. They managed to make a path for us to get out. He skated me back over to our stuff.  He brushed my hair away from my face and kissed my forehead.

Justin: You can go home, Imight be awhile and I don't want to make you wait. I promise i'll be home by 5.

It was noon. I nodded and stood up. I walked toward the exit. As I waved down a taxi, I felt arms around my shoudlers.

Justin: I never got a kiss.

I smiled and quickly gave him a kiss. I got in the taxi and we drove about a block away from my house then I told him i'd walk. As I walked home girls beeped their horn at us me and told me I was a slut and what not... This hasn't happened for awhile. Justin was always with me so they would be nice. I ignored them until one got out and pushed me. I fell backwards and she laughed at me and said 'Stay Away' or some shit like that. I stood up and walked up to her face.

Becca: You know what, if this is how I get treated by his beliebers, then maybe this isnt worth it, but if Justin gets sad or depressed because of it, it isn't my fault.

I walked the other way and she yelled after me.


I ran the rest of the way and I could tell people were taking pictures of me crying and running. I unlocked the door and ran up to the bathroom. i made sure the doors were locked. I haven't done this since I was with Justin. And since I was going to have to stop it with Justin, then I could start this again.  I frantically searched for the razor blades and I finally found them and I slumped in the bathtub. Still in my clothes. I let the water flow into the tub as I took the razor and slowly carved 'Perfect?' into my arm. I fell asleep at the water finished filling up the tub.

~ ~ ~

I woke up to that sweet voice. He was twisting the door knob frantically.

Justin: Becca!?

As I was about to open the door I remembered what happened the night before. I pulled a towel around me to help me become warmer.

Becca: I'm fine. You can leave.

Justin: No, I want to see you.

Becca: No.. i'm going to get a shower...

Justin: Let me see you before.

Becca: Justin, just leave.

Justin: NO, I saw pictures of you running and crying. I know it took me awhile but I ran home.

Becca: Justin this isn't going to work.

Justin: What isn't going to work?

Becca: Us.

A tear slipped from my eye. I looked at my wrist and the 'perfect?' was still carved in my arm.

Justin: No. We are going to work. I'm not leaving until I see you.

Becca: Then I guess you're not leaving.

I started crying even harder. I could hear him banging on the door. I fell to the floor and started crying even harder. I couldn't really see anything because my vision was blurry from the tears. I got back in the tub and the water covered my body again. The warm water made the blood start rushing from my arm again. I closed my eyes and the world disappeared. As the world disappeared, his face appeared. He knelt down next to the tub, tears in his face. I saw him look at my hand and he went into protective mode.

~ ~ ~

There was a cold wash cloth on my wrist and he was looking down at me and tears were in his eyes.

Justin: You are perfect. No question marks.

I looked at him and he pressed his lips against mine. I sat up and I was in pajamas.

Justin: Lay down...

I laid back and he stood up and went on his phone.

Becca: Justin, I wasnt joking about what I said before...

JUustin: WHat did you say?

Becca: About Us.. not working..

He looked at me with horror in his eyes. He sat down and grabbed my hand.

Justin: I've had the best five months of my life with you.

Becca: But Justin they hate me! They want me to stay away from you. They came up to me, pushed me down and told me to stay away. So I will.

Justin: I wouldn't be happy without you..

Becca: Yes you would.

Justin: Why the hell would you think that?

Becca: They know you better than I do... and they said you would, so, I guess you would be...

Justin: Rebecca, you are completely wrong, you may not have been a belieber, but you have spend just about everyday for the last five months with me, you know me better.

Becca: I just dont want them to hate you..

Justin: That's their loss if they do... Please.. I love you...








*what will She doooooo? Ohh shiiittt! DRAMA... It's not as long as I would like it to be.. i've been practicing my dance for 8 hrs straight, recital tomorrow.... and I still have to update 'Our Future' asdfghjkll; GRRR Stay strong boos*


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