What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


27. Life Without Justin

I crawled out of bed and smiled as I saw Justin sleeping happily. 

Justin: What do you think you're doing?

Rebecca: Getting a shower?

He rolled on his side and looked at me.

Justin: Without me?

I nodded and bent over and kissed his cheek.

Rebecca: You just look so tired.

Justin: I'm not tired, not unless you're cuddling with me.

There was a knock on the door. I walked over, just in one of Justin's t-shirts. As I opened the door, I saw two girls' faces. They were the girls from ice skating, you know, the ones who threw the phone at my leg, the ones who wouldn't leave me and Justin alone.

My thoughts were interrupted by them pushing past me. 

Luckily, it was only two.

They ran over to Justin and started screaming and asking him questions. He looked confused, which i'm sure he was. I turned around and looked at him. I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear before looking back on the ground.

Justin: Woaah, this is our home, you guys can't be in here.

'But we love you'

Justin: Meet me in the hallway in like an hour, i'll meet you guys and some of your friends or whatever. 

It took awhile, but they eventually left. 

After they did, Justin got up and walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up, pulling me into a huge hug. I squeezed his waist tightly with my legs. 

Justin: I am so sorry..

Rebecca: What?

Justin: I know you don't like when they just come crashing in, ruining our time. You would never admit it, but I can tell my the look on your face when it happens, it hurts you. And I never want to see you hurt, whether it is from anything, or anybody. I never want to see you sad. You deserve the best. Nothing less than that.

I squeezed my arms tighter around him.

Rebecca: I love you. 

It had been awhile since I've said those words to Justin. 

Justin: I, I love you, so much. 

I kissed his shoulder. 

I looked in the TV reflection as we sat on the couch. I had met Justin about 2 years ago. We're both twenty now and- and look where we are. 

My body, close to his. His arms, holding me in place as my arms held on to him, afraid this could all be a dream, and someday I might wake up. My head, resting on his shoulder, hi head, rested on mine. 

Rebecca: Justin?

Justin: Yes, baby?

Rebecca: Do you- do you know who those girls are?

Justin: I didn't recognize them, why?

Rebecca: Remember, when we went ice skating that time? There were two girls, who kept following us.

Justin: They didn't like you, they hit you with a phone, of course. I hated them.

I looked up at him and shook my head.

Rebecca: Never mind.

Justin: No, tell me.

Rebecca: No, you'll just get mad, and I don't want you mad.

Justin: Tell me or i'm gonna get mad right now. 

Rebecca: You'd get mad at me?

I stuck my bottom lip out and straddled Justin's lap. 

Justin: Not at you- at the fact you won't tell me. 

He smiled and rubbed his nose against mine.

Justin: Now,tell me.

Rebecca: Those two girls, they were the ones from ice skating. 

Justin: I didn't even realize...

Rebecca: I'm surprised, they're gorgeous.

Justin: I don't think you understand....

Rebecca: Understand what?

Justin: When I laid my eyes on you, the first time, I knew you were stunning. Then I started hanging out with you, and I fell in love with you, without you even knowing. I knew all the little "get togethers" were never dates, but in my head, I really wanted them to be. And that day, when we went ice skating, I had a mission. That was to get you to become mine. I can't see anybody else when i'm with you. I don't remember faces of that day, or any day after that. All I can see when I look back is you. Your hair, your eyes, your gorgeous smile, that little nose, those long eyelashes. And everything else is a blur. You're the only thing I ever saw.

I pulled his lips back to mine, not wanting to let go. Then I got a sudden urge to tell him something I had needed to for so long.

Rebecca: You're the only light i've ever seen. I was in such a bad place, I was so weak. You were the one who came around and caught me before I hit the ground. You're the reason I'm still here. I probably would be dead if it wasn't for you.

Justin: If I didn't have you, I don't think i'd be physically dead, but I wouldn't be living either, i'd just kind of be here. 


Justin had been talking to the group of beliebers for awhile. They had followed us for awhile, so the least he could do was talk to them. A bunch of them were giving me hugs and asking me for pictures. 

Justin: Can all of us get in a group photo. 

He pulled me next to him and kept his arm looped around my waist. One of the girls handed a camera to a parent. They snapped a photo and nobody moved.

Justin: Waaait! Get a couple on my phone. 

He passed it up and then the parent opened the camera.






Everybody looked at Justin, even me. Except his eyes were glue to mine. I couldn't help but smile widely. He smiled back.


Justin: Alright, one more. Grab the person next to you, and kiss their cheek.

I looked at Justin and he stared at me for a second before he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine.


As the girls spread apart, now all staring at us, taking pictures with their cell phones, Justin's lips never left mine. We kept getting "Awhs" and "ooo's"

Justin hid his face in my neck as we separated our lips. 


We finally got to get some food, and when we did, cameras were everywhere. Not from the paparazzi, but from the people at the restaurant. 

As I sat across from Justin, I looked at the menu. Everything looked good, but it felt like I would gain too much weight if I ate any of it. I mean, i've been getting better at eating ever since I've been with Justin. He's been making me eat, three main times and he made me eat snacks in between. 

Rebecca: I'm not really hungry.

Justin: No, I know you are. You always are. 

Rebecca: Justin...

Justin: Then i'll order something for you, because you ARE eating.

I kicked his leg under the table and he smirked.

Justin: We don't want to play this game, do we?

I shook my head no. He was about to say something when the waitress came over.

After we ordered, Justin reached across the table and held both of my hands in both of his hands.

Justin: I love you, so much. More than anything else in this world. I just, feel like I need to tell you.

I squeezed his hands. In that moment, I just really needed to give him a hug. I think he noticed this, because a second later, he was standing up, coming closer. He bent down and hugged me.  

Rebecca: I don't deserve you, Justin.

I squeezed him tightly as I said this, wondering what I would've done if I never met him...

















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