What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


24. Leaving

Justin kissed my cheek as we walked in downtown Pittsburgh. I smiled up at him and hugged his arm. He wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me in a hug. I laughed as my face got lost somewhere in his jacket.

Becca: Justin!

I squealed as he held me tighter.

Justin: Mhmm?

I laughed and pushed him away from me. He gave me the puppy dog face  and pulled me back into a hug, this one was just a simple hug. I stood on my tiptoes and wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to him. I lifted me off the ground a bit when he squeezed my back.As he set me down I smiled at him and took his hand.

Justin: I love you

Becca: Your voice is a lot weaker than it should be.

Justin: Before I caught up with you, I kept screaming at myself, I didn't want to sing or have a career if I couldn't have you either, because when I lose you, i'm losing everything.

I looked at him and wanted to cry, he was hurting himself because he lost me?

Rebecca: Justin, that's like cutting for you.

Justin: But, I lost you, so I didn't want to do anything except be with you.

I thought about it. I had a plan, it was going to hurt Justin though. It was going to make him mad, sad, and frusturated. But it was going to strengthen him.

Becca: Justin.. I

He just stared at me. I smiled at him and held on to his hand.


That night as Justin fell asleep I slid out of his arms and downstairs. I grabbed a pen and a piece of paper. I started writing.

Dear Justin,

This might hurt you, or it may not. I know you feel as if you need me in your life, but i know you're strong enough to go on without me, because you're my little fighter. Today when you said you were trying to strain your voice because you wanted to hurt yourself because you left me, it kind of hurt me. I didn't know that I actually meant that much. But you can't be doing that to yourself. I'm just going to tell you right now, before you read the next sentance, I love you. Now, i'm going to leave for awhile, i'm going to let you live your life without me for awhile. I've already had my phone number changed, your number is already in my new phone. I'll always be watching you, baby. I'll always be looking for you on the news. I'm leaving my ring with you, but I promise you when I see you, if you're not too mad at me, i'll put it right back on that finger. I'll be yours forerver. Justin, if you love me, you won't hurt yourself, you'll do whatever you love. One day I will contact you. I promise. I love you Justin, so much. It's what's best for you.

I love you.



I set my ring in the corner to hold it down. I started crying as I turned away from the paper and torward the door. I picked up my bag and walked out to the street. I got a taxi and went to the hotel in robinson.

I woke up, still sleep deprived and missing Justin. I sat up and turned on my phone. I was getting so many tweets that my phone wouldn't stop vibrating. I looked at what the buzz was about. Justin had been tweeting me and direct messaging me for the past two hours. I looked at his page before he had tweeted me. He was flipping out about everything, then he had started tweeting me. I looked at my direct messages from him. He was rambling on about me. He kept telling me to come back, that he'd never mess up again. A couple minutes late, he posted a picture of him holding my ring, in the background was a mirror, you could see the tears on his face and the little marks on his wrists. I froze and started bawling. I looked at my new dm from him.

@justinbieber: please, i'm begging you,just come home.

I didn't reply. I promised myself I wouldn't reply. He was going to have to be strong.


It's been about three months since I left Justin. I've been texting him without him knowing it was me. I made him believe I was a belieber. He isn't doing that well apparently. Everytime I text him he always talks about me.

So, every night I get a direct message from Justin saying goodnight, and telling me how much he loves me. I usually text him after that. I decided I was going to meet up with him, without him knowing I am.

I pulled on Justin's old sweatshirt he gave me when we first started dating. It's old, but I love it to death. I jumped into my skinny jeans, litterally. I tied up my converse as I checked my phone. I smiled as I saw I got a new text from Justin.

From: him

Hey, i'm in Cali today, i'd like to meet you.

To: him

I don't know, maybeeee.

I smiled and stood up and locked my apartment door. Yes, I moved all the way across the country. I knew where Justinw as going to be later today, he was going to be at this little cafe he once took me to.


As I pulled up to the parking at the cafe I was getting nervous to see my Justin. I walked in and went up to the counter. He looked back, but I didn't let him see my face. I looked at the menu.

'Can I help you?'

Becca: I'm not ready yet, give me a minute.

As I finally worked up the nerve to turn around, I saw Justin, hugging a girl. Not just any girl, it was his old love. I held my stomach as I felt ready to vomit. I started walking back out, fast regreting my decision to try and suprise him.

I heard a voice call my name.

Justin: Rebecca?

I looked back and he was now standing up, staring at me. I had tears in my eyes, his eyes met mine and they started falling. He started running over to me, but I started running away.

Justin: NO, WAIT.

I stopped as cars flew across the street I needed to pass. I tried to cross, but if I did I would get hit. I looked abck and Justin was coming closer. I saw an oppertunity to cross the street, so I ran. A car cam so close to hitting me I screamed. I looked back and Justin was flipping out. He ran across the street and caught up to me. He grabbed my arm.

Becca: Let me go.

Justin: No, becca.

I kept crying, wanting to hide. I was so embarrassed to even look like I did. He made me look at him. His eyes looked into mine and he started tearing up.

Justin: I've miss you more than you know, more than you can imagine.

I shook my head no. He made me look back up at him. He lift my chin and approached my lips.

Rebecca: No! Stop pretending like you care about me! Justin if you didn't see me turn around you and her would probably be dating again! I told you I was a second choice! I knew that I was, but you promised me I wasn't now look at us!

Justin: I left her for you, who am I with right now? I don't want to be with anybody except you, I don't want to wake up underneath anybody but you! You mean the world to me, and no matter what happens, that's how i'll feel.

I shook my head no and broke free from his grip and started walking away.


He pulled out a piece of paper and held it out for me to look at. It was the paper I left with him when I left. I looked up at him and he was crying.

Justin: You, you promised...

He fell to his knees and started bawling. I read over the paper. He had it with him, waiting everyday to see me.

Justin: Every morning I have prayed hoping that day I would see you, that you would come back to me.

I fell to my knees in from of him and presed my lips to his. HIs hands wrapped around my back and pulled me closer to him. I kept my lips to his as tears fell from both of our eyes. He stood up and picked me up with him. I kept my lips to his.

As our lips pulled apart, he ran his hands through my hair.

Justin: I miss you, so much.

Becca: I miss you, too.

I smiled at he kept pecking my lips.


I showed him around my apartment as he kept my body close to his. I changed into my pajams right in front of him. I didn't mind him seeing me.

Justin: You're losing weight again..

I shook my head no and pulled another one of Justin's old t-shirt over my head. Justin walked over to me and held my hips.

Justin: Have  you been eating?

I nodded. He lifted my chin.

Justin: Promise?

I nodded again and wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into a tight hug. I hid my face in his chest as he rubbed my back.

Becca: I really missed you.

I could feel tears coming to my eyes.

Justin: I missed you, baby.

He kissed the top of my head as I cried into his shirt.


I laid down on the bed and turned on the Tv. I curled up to Justin. I laid on top of him and hid my neck in his neck. His body was always so warm. His bare chest made me feel so cofortable with him.

Becca: I love you.

Justin: I love you, too. Get some sleep.

I closed my eyes and fell to sleep on him.


I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked at Justin and his eyes were trying to close, but he kept them open.

Becca: Go to sleep baby, you look so tired.

Justin: Last time you left me.

Becca: I'm not leaving you.

Justin kissed my head and squeezed my body.

Becca: I mean it, i'm not going to sleep until you do.

He closed him eyes and within five minutes he was passed out. I was awake now, and I wanted a water. I slid out of his arms and walked to the fridge. I heard footsteps and I looked over and Justin was out of bed and now panicing. I set my water bottle on the counter and walked over to him.

Becca: What's wrong?

He turned around and looked at me. He pulled me into a hug and started crying.

Justin: i thought you left me, I thought today ways a dream... I've had dreams that you came back, then when I woke up you werent there, I had nightmares you showed up and left me again.

Becca: Shh, you know I have to have a water at night.

Justin: From now on before we go to bed, bring one with you, I don't ever want to wake up without you there.

Becca: Want to walk with me to get my water?

He nodded and held my hand as we walked and got my water.

When I woke up I kissed Justin's face and he held me close. He opened his eyes and pressed his lips back to mine. He started pulling at my shirt. I smiled as he kissed me.

Justin: I want this off right now.

He pulled my shirt off and next pulled my pajama pants off of me.

Becca: I really did miss you.


I woke up once more, curled up in Justin's arms. He was still asleep. I wanted to get up, but I didnt want to move because I was too comfortable. I laid there and held on to him like there was no tomorrow.

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you.

I smiled and kissed his neck. He smiled and hugged me tight.



Justin kissed my nose as we curled up on the couch. I burrowed my head in his neck.

Honestly, I don't think Justin realized it, but he never game me my ring back.. did he not want me to wear it?

Justin: I'm gonn aget a drink, don't get comfortable without me.

I smiled as he stood up. I was wearing one of his new t-shirts. They were so big and so comfortable. He was only wearing his boxers.

Becca: What is taking so long! I want youuuu !

Justin: i'm coming.

I looked back and his head was in the fridge.

Becca: Justinnnn!

He popped his head out of the fridge and came back over.

Rebecca: I want loviesss.

I gave him my puppy dog face.

Justin: I want something, too.

Becca: Whaat?

I threw my head back and sighed.

Justin: Forever with you.

I looked abck at him and he was back on one knee.

Justin: Will you please marry me?

I smiled at him and paused.

Becca: Yes.

I grabbed his face and kissed his lips.

Justin: I'm glad you agreed, because you dont have a choice, you promised me you would.

I smiled at him and stuck my tongue out.

Justin: Baby?

Becca: Yes?

Justin: I love -

"Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spotted kissing two days ago"

I looked at the TV and a picture of Justin and Selena popped up. I looked at Justin and his face was frozen.

Becca: Justin?







*DUN DUN DUN. IM SOOOOOOOO DONE WITH JELENA DRAMA, JUST BC THEY WERE SEEN TOGETHER DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING. Im personnaly not a fan of Jelena. You can say i'm jealous bc i want him to be mine, but thats a poor ass excuse. i'm sorry, if that offends any of you. I'm just in a not-good mood, i've had a rough couple of weeks.



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