What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


17. Just Take The Jacket Off!

"The Mirror can lie,it doesn't show you whats inside, and it can tell you you're full  of life, it's amazing what you can hide, just by putting on a smile"

~Demi Lovato

It's been a couple days since we started tour. I'm actually kind of scared. Last time I went on tour with Justin, I left him because i found out he was doing drugs.

My thoughts were interrupted by the body falling next to me.

Justin: I'm so ready to cuddle.

I looked at him and smiled.

We were in our bedroom in the hotel we were staying at.

Becca: What if I don't want to cuddle?

Justin: Then I'll be lonely with this pillow.

Becca: Oh, that's a nice pillow...

Justin: Or, I could go ask a belieber if they want to cuddle..

Becca: Go ahead.

Justin: But-

Becca: You're too scared, I get it, Justin.

Justin: No i'm not..

He stood up from the bed and walked out to the balcony. I watched him. He walked to the edge and looked out over the crowd of beliebers. They all started screaming. I smiled and Justin started screaming.

Justin: So, my girlfriend doesn't want to cuddle with me, I need one of you guys to!

The screams were high-pitched and ear-piercing.

Justin: I'll be down to pick one of you.

He ran back into the room.

Justin: You had your chance..

I smiled at him.

Honestly, was it that easy for Justin to replace me? He always says he could never replace me, but right now he was having no problem replacing me. The old Justin would have fought for me. But I did tell him to do it so, it was partially my fault.

Justin: Becca? Earth to Becca? Are you okay?

Becca: Yea, I was thinking.

Justin: Okay, well i'm going to pick a girl.

Becca: Okay, i'm gonna sneak out the back.

Justin: Oka- Wait, what?

Becca: I'm gonna sneak out the back.

Justin: Wait- without me? why?

Becca: I'm just going on a walk, i'll be okay.

We started walking out the hotel's room door. I closed it behind us.

Justin: Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?

Becca: Positive.

I needed to get away from him soon, or else I was going to break down in front of him.

Justin: Let me walk you out atleast.

Becca: No, your fans are waiting for you.

Justin: Baby-

Becca: I'm gonna get walking now, before they start suspecting something.

Justin leaned in for a kiss, but I dodged it by giving him a hug instead. It was a quick hug, then I started walking away from him.

I started walking faster and faster until I got out to the empty streets. Every girl and their mother was outside our hotel in the front waiting for Justin. The back however, the back was empty. I walked the streets. Nobody really noticed me. I had my jacket,scarf, and hat covering me. I saw a little corner shop and I went in. I was about to buy a water when some 'beliebers' saw me. I used the quotations because, Justin always says that they aren't beliebers if they don't support me and him. These girls absolutely hated me.

They seemed nice at first, but as soon as I started talking to me, they started to tell me to kill myself, and how Justin would be better off without me. How he was probably having sex with the girl he picked out from the crowd. I aparrently meant nothing to him. They kept talking until they heard my phone ring. I looked at it with my tear filled eyes. It was Justin. I sent him to voicemail. After they saw what I did they smiled in satisfaction and walked away. I went back into the store.

Becca: Uhm, do you have little pencil sharpeners?

The cashier nodded and pointed to the school section. I walked back and picked out the best one I could find. I walked back up to the counter. I put five dollars on the counter.

Cashier: It was only $1.98?

Becca: Keep the change..

I walked out. I stepped out of the store and the crisp cold wind smacked my face. I walked to an ally. I took the pencil sharener and took the razor out of it. I looked around and made sure nobody was looking. I took the razor, lifted up the left jacket sleeve and carved a thin slit into my wrist. The pain I knew so well, was now coming back.

I wasn't going to leave Justin. Cause then he'd be oversramatic, he'd end the tour and disappoint the beliebers. I would break up with him at the end of the tour. Until then, I would manage to sneak cuts. Justin would never have to know.

My phone started buzzing.

I looked at it and it was Justin. Straight to voicemail.

Becca: Shit.

My wrist was bleeding heavier now. I took my scarf and walked around more until my arm stopped bleeding.


I snuck in through the back and walked slowly and quietly up to our room. When I opened the door, Justin was pacing and on his phone.

Becca: Hey...

He looked up. He ran over to me and pulled my face to his chest.

Justin: Oh my god, where were you?

I lifted my head and looked at him.

Becca: Walking... How was cuddling..

Justin: I didn't pick anybody, I just staid out there and talked to them. Why didn't you answer your phone?

Becca: I-I don't know... I just didn't
Justin: Have you been crying?

Becca: No, just the wind was so cold and harsh, it made my eyes water.

Justin: Let's warm you up then,

He pulled me into a hug and held me close.

He didn't have to know..

Justin: Baby, you've got blood on the scarf, like a lot?

Becca: Oh my, I guess I do.

I was avoiding eye contact with him now.

Justin: Let me have it, i'll get you a new one later.

I unwrapped it from my neck and handed it to him. He threw it away and looked at me.

Justin: You can  go shower, then we can cuddle, watch a movie until we fall asleep.

Becca: Oh Okay..

I walked into the bathroom, locked the door and started the shower. I undressed and got in the shower. My whole arm was a bloody mess so I rinsed it off first.

Justin: Baby, why are you wearing a sweatshirt, you're going to be super hot tonight.

Becca: That's okay.

Justin: Baby, what's wrong?

Becca: Nothing. Hey, I left my jacket in the bathroom can you get it, I don't want to leave it on the floor.

Justin: Of coarse baby.

he started walking in the bathroom.

No No. The razor's in there. He's gonna find it.

He walked out with the jacket in his hand. He had a blank expression on his face. He threw the jacket to the side.

Justin: Can you please take the jacket off?

He pulled at the sleeves.

Becca: No.

He pulled it off of me. He looked at my wrist and froze.

He knew.










*AN :o UH OH WHAT NOW??????

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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