What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


4. I'm sorry.

When we got to the ice skating rink a few girls approached us.

Rebecca: I'm going to get skates, i'll catch up with you on the ice.

I turned around and walked to the skate rental. Right as I  was about to give the guy my money for the skates Justin handed him money.

Rebecca: You know I was going to pay?

Justin: I don't care. I am the mister, I pay.

Rebecca: That's if you're on a date. This is not a date, lets get that straight. Thank you.

Justin: Whatever you want to call it. You're Welcome.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to a bench and put on my skates. The girls followed me and Justin. I was actually getting kind of annoyed they were following us so I stood up and got on the ice. I wasn't that good, but I could move pretty fast. I skated around then I saw Justin and he smirked at me and skated over to me.

Justin: Skater?

Rebecca: Not really. When I get bored I skate though..

Justin: Well, I see that.

I laughed and he slid his hand into mine. I didn't mind it. Maybe he just didn't know how to skate.

Justin: Watch this.

He took both of my hands in his and he skated backwards.

Rebecca: Show off.

Justin: Just displaying my qualities.

Rebecca: Another way to say you're showing off.

Justin: Ehh.. maybe...

I smiled at him and he smiled back. He started dancing kind of and I just busted into laughter.

Justin: What's so funny?

He knew exactly why I was laughing.

Rebecca: You're so stupid!

Justin: Thank you.

Belieber: Oops sorry.

She bumped into me. I almost lost my balance but Justin caught me..

Rebecca: You're fine.

She skated away and gave me an evil look.

Rebecca: I don't think she likes me.

Justin: Who wouldn't like you?

Rebecca: Obviously her.

Justin: Well then she's stupid.

I brushed a strand of hair behind my ear and looked up at him and smiled. The best part, he was aready smiling at me. NO NO NO BECCA! You can't fall for him. He's a stuck up popstar.

Rebecca: I'm going to take a break, I'll meet you back on the ice.

Justin: Okay...

He didn't let go of my hands at first but after a few seconds he realized he had to. I skated off the rink and went over to where my shoes and water were. I sat down and took a sip of water. I looked over at where Justin was and he was skating with that one girl who bumped into me. I guess Bieber found another girlfriend. He looked at me and smiled. I stood up and went back on the ice. I didn't want him to notice me, but unfortunately he did.

Justin: Rebecca!

He slowed down and waited for me. I could tell they were being flirty before Justin called me over.

Rebecca: Yes?

Justin: Whaaat? I just wanted to skate with you.. is that so bad?

Rebecca: Just askinggg!

Justin: Well don'ttt!

He smiled at me and I looked at my skates. He tried to hold my hand but I scratched my face with it so he couldn't. But as soon as I put it back next to me he grabbed it.

Belieber: I'll be back, I gotta tell my friend i'm skating with you guys.

Justin: Okay, see you soon.

She skated away.

Justin: Rebecca?

Rebecca: Hmm?

Justin: Can I ask you a question?

Rebecca: That deends, what question?

Justin: I'm not telling you, you'll find out if I ask you.

I stopped skating and he stopped and looked at me.

Rebecca: If you can beat me, then you can ask it, two laps.

Justin: What if you win?

Rebecca: Than you have to wait to ask.

Justin: Fair enough.

Rebecca: But you have to let go of my hand, cause I'm not pulling you along.

Justin: Hmm, smart girl.

I started skating backwards.

Rebecca: That's MISS smart girl to you.

I poked his chest and he smiled at me. I staked normal and smiled at Justin.

Rebecca: Three..  Two... One..

We both took off and Justin was pretty fast, but I wasn't going to let him win. I sped past him and smiled back at him.

Justin: I'm going to get you!

Rebecca: Come at me bro.

I started laughing and as I said that he skated next to me.

Justin: Oh I will babe.

He skated ahead of me. One lap for him. I picked up the pace and flew past him. Almost there Becca. Right as I was turning to finish the second lap I looked back and Justin flew into me. I landed  on my back and he landed on top of me, faces inches apart. He stuck his arm out to the left.

Justin: Finished.

He looked me in the eyes and we were about to kiss when the belieber came over to us.

Belieber: Are you okay Justin?

He looked irritated by her this time.

Justin: Yea I'm fine, can you get me my water?

He looked up and her and she nodded.

He stood up and put his hand out for me and I stood up too. My face came closer to his as he helped me up. Becca... Don't do it! Too late. His lips pressed against mine and for some odd reason I pressed back. BECCA! You've known this kid for what, two weeks! and you're already kissing him! As we pulled apart he took my hand back in his.

Justin: Come sit.

We skated off and went over to our seat.

Justin: Now, I get to ask my question..

Rebecca: And what might that be?

Justin: Well I was wondering if yo-

Belieber: here's your water, sorry I had to buy a new one,your other one went missing.

Justin: Oh, uh thanks.

I bent over and picked up my water and brought the opening to my lips. The water felt good against my throat. My throat was dry.  Justin looked at me and held my hand still.

Belieber: You guys ready to go for another round.

Justin: Uh sure...

Rebecca: I'm going to use the bathroom, i'll meet you guys out there.

My hand slid out of Justin's hand and I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. What was I doing... Why was I falling for the one person I didn't like before! The one that every girl in the world wanted to be with! Why me? I walked back out and Justin had his hands in his pockets and had his back facing me. I walked over and put my hands on his shoulders and he jumped. I started laughing.

Justin: Thanks for scaring me to death.

Rebecca: Oh, no problem.

He smiled at me. I looked at my skates.

Rebecca: Stop looking at meee!

Justin: WHy? You're gorgeous.

Oh great now i'm blushing like crazy.

Justin: Don't be embarrassed.

He lifted my chin and looked me in the eyes. He looked in my eyes waiting for me to tell him to stop. But I didn't want him to. He pulled my face to his again. Right as our lips were about to touch something hit me in the back of my leg and My leg collapsed. Great now I looked like a spaz. Wait? Becca, it doesn't matter what he thinks of you.. he's a stuck up singer.. god who am I kidding, he's the sweetest kid I know.

Justin: What happened?

He helped me stand up.

Rebecca: Something  hit the back of my leg, and it collapsed...

Justin: Uh, was it this?

He lifted up a phone.

Rebecca: If I knew I would tell you, but probably.

The belieber walked over to us.

Belieber: Sorry, my friend did that, she didn't mean to ...

Rebecca: Oh, it's fine.

Justin didn't really look happy. He handed her phone back to her. She walked away and gave me the evil glare again. A few minutes later tons of beliebers were coming at us. I kept geting called things like a 'slut' 'whore' 'bitch' 'ugly' 'cunt' and many more names. Justin got me out of there fast and back into his car.

Justin: This is horrible...

I kind of just sat there the whole time as we drove back to my house. He got out and walked me to the house. Beliebers started showing up.

Rebecca: I had fun other than the end though.

He smiled at me. As I turned around to unlock the door he took my hand and turned me around.

Justin: I never got to ask you my question.

Rebecca: Okay, hit me with it.

More beliebers started crowding around us.

Justin: Well, as I was saying, I was wondering, it would mean a lot, if you would be my girlfriend.

A lot of beliebers gasped.

Justin(continued): I really like you, like a lot, and I know you weren't a fan of me, but Rebecca, please.

Just before I was going to say yes, girls started screaming rude things at me like before. I got enough of this shit without them.

Rebecca: Justin, if they hate me without me even saying yes to being your girlfriend, then I can't even imagine the hate i'll get for being your girlfriend. I get enough teasing from school.. And I just got away from there a couple months ago... I can't imagine the whole world hating me.. i'm sorry.. but I can't deal with more people hating me..








*AN THere you go guys! I'm going to try to update this A LOT more. My other story really took off though, so I should be updating again tonight... I hope you liked it :3 *

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