What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


29. Guilt

Beeping everywhere.

That's the first thing I noticed. 

Second thing I noticed was the scent of metal and cleanliness.

Third thing I noticed was all the voices talking around me.

I could hear and smell, but I couldn't see or feel anything. To be honest, it was scaring me quite a bit.

'She's waking up- give her more medication'

That was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.


I heard and smelt everything again, except now it was silent, only faint noises coming from the(i assume) TV in front of me. I started to gain feeling. I could feel the rough fabric of the bedding under me. I could feel the hospital robe around my body. It was so uncomfortable. I much preferred Justin's t-shirts. 

Then it hit me- Justin.

Was he okay?

Was he hurt?

Did he die?

Did he get amnesia?

Does he remember me?

Will he remember me?

Is he even still alive.

My vision slowly started coming back to me. I looked around. I was correct, there was a Tv in front of me on a low volume. I looked at the hospital bed I was in. I saw the bracelets on my wrist. I saw the white board with my name written across it. I looked and saw all the bandages wrapped around my body, the casts. I looked around for a person, somebody- anybody.

To my left there was a remote with a bunch of buttons on it. I reached for it and suddenly was filled with pain- but I needed it. I didn't know what the buttons did, but I saw a red button- not knowing what it did- I pressed it, hoping for it to signal somebody.

It took awhile, but somebody eventually came in. The nurse seemed panicked. She sat on the chair next to me, trying to ask me what I felt and how much it hurt. I answered her questions quickly, hoping she would be able to answer mine. 

I looked at her name tag.

Rebecca: Erin?

Erin: Yes?

Rebecca: Uhm, can I ask you a question?

Erin: Of course- I just need to get the doctor first, then I can answer any questions.

Rebecca: This isn't about me..

Erin: Oh, Okay..

Rebecca: Where's Justin? Is he okay?

Erin smiled at me and put her hand gently on top of mine.

Erin: He's fine. He's in his room.

Rebecca: He's in the hospital,too?

I think she could tell I was panicked because she answered me quickly.

Erin: Only because he refused to leave you alone here.

Rebecca: Can I-  can I see him?

Erin: Im sorry, but no visitors until the doctors clear you.

Rebecca: But he's the only person I have, please?

Erin: Im sorry, darling. I'm going to get the doctor, if you need anything, press the button. We'll be back in a minute.

I watched as she stood up and walked out of the door- locking it behind her.

I heard her talking to somebody. This somebody was asking a bunch of questions. As their voice got louder- I realized it was Justin. He was mad they wouldn't tell him anything about me. After a few minutes they stopped talking.


As Erin opened the door, the doctor followed her in. They closed the door before I could get a good look to see if Justin was still out there.

The doctor sure had a lot of questions. I learned a lot about what happened. He had told me that we had gotten into a huge crash- Justin had crawled out of the car, luckily without not much damage, a few shards of glass in his skin. He had some in his head at the time and got stitches. He also had a small burn mark. I on the other hand, got basically crushed by the car. I had to get many stitches from glass, had a broken leg, I got hit in the head-hard, that had set me into a coma for seventeen days. I had to get multiple surgeries from the glass being shoved so far into my body. 

Rebecca: No burn marks?

The doctor and the nurse looked at each other then back at me.

He told me I probably would have burned and died in the fire,except, Justin somehow managed to get me out from underneath the car before I could even get touched by fire. That's how he got his burn marks- by saving me.

He told me about the medication I was now on, and how tired it would make me. 

As he stood up- I asked him if I could see Justin. He looked concerned, but he didn't want to make me upset.

'Maybe in an hour, right now you need rest.'

Rebecca: Please- I will rest, I just, I need to see him.

My eyes started watering, thinking about the anxiety I would have if he wouldn't let me see him.

He nodded his head once before walking into the hallway. He started talking to Justin. I could hear their conversation. 

He basically told Justin he could see me for awhile, but he couldn't be hyper or anything since I just woke up. He told him he also had to be quiet because legally, he wasn't supposed to let Justin in the room with me- but he knew it would only make me more upset if I couldn't see him. 

I saw the door open slowly, then close behind the figure that was moving my way. Justin's face soon appeared- his eyes watering. He was clearly upset. He starred at me for a second. 

Justin: you're- you're here. They didn't think you were gonna make it. 

I reached up for him, wanting to feel his touch, to know he was real.

Justin: Don't hurt yourself.

He reached down and took my hands in his. 

Rebecca: Lay down, please..

Justin: I don't want you to be hurt even more-

Rebecca: Please..

My voice was weak- I was growing tired from the medication.

He nodded and moved me over a bit and slid on the bed. I held on to him- breathing in his scent, keeping him close.

Rebecca: I love you.

Justin: I love you, too, baby girl. 

He kissed my head softly- not wanting to hurt me.

Justin: Get some sleep, i'll be here when you wake up. I promise. 

He squeezed my hand and I nuzzled my head closer to him. 


I woke up, Justin was asleep. 

Erin was watching me as I woke up.

Erin: Rebecca- if he is bothering you-

Rebecca: No, I actually just want him closer.

Erin: Isn't that hurting you?

Rebecca: Justin makes everything better.. I don't want him to leave me.

Erin: I'm surprised- quite frankly.

I looked at her confused.

Erin: This is probably the first time he's fully slept in the past two weeks.

I looked up at his face and smiled. His arms were looped around me, holding me close. 

Erin: The doctor said you can leave later today- maybe tomorrow, it all depends on how you're feeling.

Rebecca: I think i'm ready to go home.. I just need to lay in my own bed.

We were quiet for awhile- it grew into an awkward silence.

Erin: He really loves you.. 

Rebecca: I know, he's my everything.

Erin: We gave him the directions on how to take care of you, and he picked it up really fast. Everyday he would come into the room and visit you- even though you weren't awake. That's how he knew you were awake- because he wasn't allowed in to see you. 

I grew more and more tired as she talked.

Erin: We'll have a car waiting to take you home, okay?

I nodded before the darkness swallowed me, once again.


When we finally got home, Justin wouldn't look at me.

Rebecca: Did I do something?

He didn't reply for a minute.

Justin: No.

He kept his eyes away from mine.

Rebecca: Did you- 

I swallowed hard.

Rebecca: Did you find somebody else?

I was now sitting on the edge of the bed, messing with my fingers.

I got an instant reply.

Justin: Absolutely not.

Rebecca: Why won't you look at me?

My voice cracked and my eyes started watering.

He didn't reply. I stood up with my crutches and wobbled over to the bathroom, now fully crying. I started to close the door and he stopped me. He pulled me into his arms. I dropped the crutches and wrapped my arms around his neck instead. I cried into his neck as he rubbed my back. 

After a few minutes I calmed down and started getting drowsy. Justin picked me up bridal style and laid me down on the bed. He laid right next to me, whispering in my ears and kissing my forehead. 

Justin: Hey, I love you, it's okay. 

Rebecca: Why are you mad?

Justin: Take a nap, and we can talk after. Please?

I nodded before I drifted off.


I woke up with Justin in the same position he was in before, now looking at me.

Justin: Morning beautiful.

Rebecca: Morning.

I gripped on to his shirt tightly, not wanting to let go of him. We laid there for about five minutes until he spoke.

Justin: I did this to you.. that's why I can't look at you- knowing I did this.

I looked up at him, he was letting tears fall. I sat up and looked at him.

Rebecca: It is not.

Justin: If I would have just listened to you and stayed home then-

Rebecca: Justin, god did this for a reason, and he has his plans- you can't change that.

I looked him in the eyes before speaking.

Rebecca: Look at me- i'm okay, i'm with you, i couldn't be happier. 

Justin smiled.

Justin: I bet you'd be happier without that cast. 

He smiled at me and I smiled back.

Rebecca: Nah, I think I like it- it gets me a little more Justin attention. 

He laughed and I smiled at him.

He put his hands on my face and pressed his lips to mine, passionately. I grabbed the hair on the back of his neck, deepening the kiss, pulling him closer.

Justin: You don't know how bad I've missed that.

Rebecca: You don't know how bad I've missed you all together.

He pressed his lips back to mine, making me smile, pulling him closer, again. 


Justin's body was wrapped around mine, keeping me close. 

I groaned and looked up at his face. He smiled as I smacked his chest.

Rebecca: Stop smirking.

Justin: You just make me really happy.

Rebecca: Sex makes you really happy.

Justin: No, you do. That's just a bonus that comes with you. I knew you said you missed me, but I didn't know your little hormones were flying around that much.

I smiled and hid my face from him. He laughed and rubbed my back.

Justin: You have to take your medicine at noon, baby

Rebecca: I don't like it, it makes me tired.

Justin: But it's making you better.

I groaned and pulled the covers over my head.

Rebecca: You make me feel better than any stupid medicine does...

He took the covers off of my face and smiled at me.

Justin: I love you, so much.

Rebecca: I love you.

So we laid there, just together. We slept together all day. Not sex. We literally slept. We laid in bed, cuddled and watched movies. He wouldn't let me up unless it was an emergency. Aka bathroom.

Justin was literally perfect. But I could still tell, I could see by the look on his face- he carried so much guilt for what happened to me. 

I needed to fix that.














*AN awh. long chapter woot woot ill update soon bc this in my  new fave story at the moment so ill try to update mroe often ILY OKAY

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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