What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


9. Forever

Justin: Who came baby?

Becca: Just, please don't come near me.

Justin: No. I'll come as close to you as I need to be.

Becca: No-

Justin wrapped his arms around me and pulled my body against his. I closed my eyes and relaxed and wrapped my arms around his neck.

Justin: Who came baby?

Becca: Them-they told me you- you didn't care.

I looked up and his eyes were glue to me.

Justin: where?

Becca: Over there.

I nodded in their direction. They stared at Justin and I and I looked back at Justin.

Justin: Well-

Becca: Justin, please don't go over to them...

Justin: They hurt you though..

Becca: Please? I'd rather go home and cuddle..

Justin looked back at them and they waved. He faced me again and pressed his lips against mine and hugged me tightly.

Justin: Then lets do just that.

We skated off and returned our skates. Justin lifted me off the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

Justin: I love you.

Becca: I love you more.

Justin: No way, I love you more.

Becca: Oh really?

I touched my forehead with his and his lips found their way to mine.

Justin: Yes, really...

He smiled at me and I pressed my lips against his again.

When I finally got the chance to pull away I made him set me down because I didn't want more people to stare.

Justin: I don't care if people look, they need to know you're mine.

Becca: And you're mi-

Belieber: Hey Justin.

I looked over and my eyes filled with horror. I moved closer to Justin and He rubbed the small of my back.

Justin: Are you-

Belieber: Can we get a picture with you?

Justin: Actually, I have to go.

Belieber: Oh.

She glared at me and I looked at the floor.

Belieber: Why?

Justin: I have plans with my princess.

He brought my lips to mine and held the small of my back.

Justin: Sorry though, you caught me at the wrong time..

Belieber: Oh, I understand.

Justin: Oh, and if you tell my girlfriend that I don't care about her ever again i'll call security on you and tell the world what you're really like.

I was shocked. SO was she. Her jaw was wide open.

We walked out and as soon as we got in the car I started laughing.

Justin: What?

Becca: That was... amazing, and her reaction made me smile.

Justin: Well she deserved it.

He leaned over the dashboard and connected our lips again. When he pulled away he started the car and took my hand in his and drove with his left hand.


Becca: Justin, this, I don't like it.

Justin: Why you don't like killers?

He laughed and I smacked him playfully.

Becca: No, in fact I don't.

Justin: Ouch... baby that hurts.. here..

He lightly patted his chest and I laughed at him.

Becca: Well, baby, I can't kiss your heart.

Justin: You can kiss my lips though...

Becca: You're suck a dork.

Justin: That's okay, I like being a dork...

Becca: You're my dork, don't forget it Bieber.

Justin: And you, are my Princess. Don't forget it.

Becca: Forget what?

He raised his eye brow at me and I just laughed.

Becca: Oh, I love you Justin.

Justin: I love you too baby girl.

He leaned over and kissed me. After a second somebody in the movie screamed and I jumped, breaking the kiss.

Justin: I don't like this movie anymore..

Becca: How's it feel!

I stood up and wrapped the blanket around my shoulders.

Justin: Nooo, stay.

Becca: I need to move my legs, we've been watching movies all daaayyy!

Justin: Well that's not long enough.

Becca: You'll have me forever.

Justin: Promise?

Becca: I promise, it might not be boyfriend girlfriend way, but you'll always have me.

Justin pulled me on to his lap and held me so I was facing him.

Justin: That's because i'll have you as my wife, not my girlfriend.

Becca: Well, things happen, you might end up hating me when we get older... but you'll still have me.

Justin: I could never hate you.

Becca: Never say never.

Justin: Shhh...

He brushed his lips against mine. But I wanted to feel his lips presed against mine. I grabbed on to the hair on the back of his neck and pulled his face to mine. He held my back.

I heard a knock and my head shot up.

Justin: You're fine, Mom wanted to stop by.

Becca: The house looks horrible. Why didn't you tell me?

Justin: Baby, it looks fine.

I stood up and ran to the door.

Justin: Baby, i'm cominggg!

I heard him walking to the door faster. I opened it anyways.

It wasn't Pattie though, it was the beliebers.

Becca: Uh, Jus-

Belieber: Shush, you be quiet.

Becca: Justin.. hurry.

Belieber: I told you to shut up!

I felt a burning sensation in my cheek. She had slapped me. I fell to the ground and hit the floor like a rock. I had hit my head. All the memories about the bullies and my family came back. I wasn't even going to fight for my life. I was ready to go. Until I saw his face. I saw him come into view as my view was fading. He fell to the floor and laid my head in his lap. He puleld out his phone and called somebody screaming for help. I saw tears flowing down his face. As I said before though, I was ready to go. But I wasn't ready to let Justin go.

Then I remembered. I made a promise.

I managed to lift my hand to his cheek and get out the words

'You'll have me forever, I promise'

And with that everything was gone.















*AN Sorry it took so long... so.. you like or should that be the last chapter... idk anymore... soo....yea... tell me whatcha think...*

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