What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


22. Beeping

This morning I woke up.

Still, wanting to die.

I heard my phone go off, since the only thing I wanted more than anything right now was silence, I answered.

Silly me.

Justin: Becca? Rebecca?

Becca: What?

It was too early for phone calls.

I pressed the end button and my phone beeped.


I looked at it and buried my head back into the pillow.

I can't believe Justin said that to me. Especially after how much he knew the whole thing affected me. He knew I hated that part of my life, but yet he still brought it up and rubbed it in my face. For the past year, he had been the only person in my life who had accepted me for being myself, he was the only person that loved the real me, that didn't care how messed up my life was, that he would still love me.

And now he left me.

After everything.

Justin thinking about it made me want to vomit, which I had a few times that night.

Just imagine it, the love of your life, the one person who meant the most to you, just... gone.. they lead you on, then drop-kicked you out of their life.

That's exactly what it felt like.

I burst into tears and basically cried myself to sleep, again.


There's that beeping again. That's what woke mem up. Another beep, yet not one notification on my phone.

I sat up on my bed and wiped my tears from my face.

I heard my frontdoor creak open. I froze and automatically got scared.

I was so used to having Justin around to protect me, and now I was by myself.

I tiptoes to the other side of the bed, which was by the wall, laid on the ground, and tried to calm my breathing.

The footsteps came fast up the stairs.

My bedroom door flew open and my body froze.

I just let my thoughts fly through my head, not knowing if this person was going to take my life.

I Love you Justin.

I'm sorry Justin.

I've never stopped loving you.

Everything was about Justin.

I heard the bed creak and a huge sigh fell from the person's mouth.

Next thing I knew, this person was bawling.

The worst part of it, was that I realized the voice.


I stood up and saw him sitting on my bed, holding my phone in his hand, squeezing it, letting his tears fall on it.

He looked back at me and stood up and ran over to me. He wrapped his arms around me and held on to me tightly. I wrapped my arms around his neck and cried into his shirt. He cried into my hair and kept saying 'I'm Sorry'. I held on to him as tight as I could. I was hurt by him, but I couldn't live without him.

He laid me down on the bed and held me in his arms.


I opened my eyes.

Justin: I'm so sorry.

I looked over at him and he looked so tired, his eyes were so red and droopy.

Becca: Why didn't you sleep?

I set my hand on his cheek and he seemed to calm down under my touch.

Justin: Two reasons, I don't know if this is a dream, and if it is, I really don't want to wake up, and even if it's not a dream, I don't want you to leave me.

A tear fell from his eye.

Becca: I won't go anywhere, okay?

Justin: You say that now.

Becca: I promise you, Justin.

Justin: Can we talk after I sleep?

Becca: Of coarse.

I curled up in his arms as he fell asleep.




Now a big decision, take him back, or be just friends.














*AN I'm sorry it's short :( I still have English & French Homework :( If I get FIVEEE comments by tomorrow, i'll update tomorrow night too :).... WHAT SHOULD BECCA DO?

Stay Beautiful Xx*

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