What will happen when the world famous 'Justin Bieber' falls for a normal girl, When she wants nothing to do nothing with him?


25. Award Show

I pushed him away from me as another picture popped up of them kissing. He grabbed my arms and looked into my eyes.

Justin: NO!


Justin: I needed somebody to comfort me, you left me.


Justin: No...


Justin: That was you..?

Rebecca: Yes.

I whipped my arms out of his grip and ran over to my drawers and grabbed sweats and a jacket. I pulled on my sweat pants and took off Justin's t-shirt and threw it as him as I pulled the hoodie over my head and walked out the door. I looked back and Justin was chasing after me. He grabbed me from behind.

Rebecca: Get your fucking hands off of me. I don't want to see your face, ever. Don't DM me, don't text me, don't tweet me, don't call me, don't look at me, i'm done with you and your BS. I can't deal with all of that.

I pulled away from him and kept walking away. He was right behind me, trying to stop  me from walking away from him again.


Rebecca: I actually thought you meant that, but now I see that you'll get over me in a month or two, and go hook up with somebody else.


He was bawling even harder now. I pushed him away from me. He fell to his knees. His face was looking up at me as I pushed him away.

Rebecca: Take this back to, and this time, I PROMISE you, i'm not putting it back on.

I dropped the ring next to him and started crying again. He reached out for my leg, stopping me from walking.

Justin: I'll kill myself if you leave me. I'm not kidding. I swear on your life.

I looked back at him. He was so broken. I knew he would hurt himself.

Justin: Please, just-just calm down and let me talk to you.

I looked at him, he was weak, he was about to start bawling again. I looked in his eyes, which I could see because there was a wall of tears there. He still didn't look away, though.

Rebecca: Okay...

He looked at me, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. He stood up fast and looked at me. He pulled me into a hug and pressed his face to my neck. I put my head against his shoulder and closed my eyes.


Justin: Please, don't leave.

Rebecca: Justin, I can't have drama, I can't be one of those on again off again couples.

Justin: Then why can't we just be on. I don't ever want to be off.

Rebecca: But, Justin that's not going to work.

Justin: PLease, you've been with me forever, I can't lose you.. if I lose you, i'm loosing everything.

I shook my head.

Rebecca: I'm sorry...

Justin: Can I atleast still be your friend?

Rebecca: Not now, not for awhile, in a couple months, maybe.

Justin: But I need to atleast talk to you...

His eyes started watering.

Rebecca: if you really need me, you can text me.

Justin: Can I atleast have one last kiss goodbye.

I looked at his eyes, tears were falling. I stepped closer to him, placed my lips over his and held on tight. I didn't want to leave him, but it needed to happen. As we pulled our lips apart, Justin started crying and turned away from my apartment, and walked down the hall. As he walked away, I started crying, myself.


*Five Months Later*

I've gotten a text from Justin every night, telling me how much he loves me. I'm always tempted to text back, but my boyfriend wouldn't like that. His name is Andrew, I met him about two months after Justin and I parted ways. Andrew is so sweet, he is the nicest person you'll ever meet. We fight, but it never goes as far in fighting as Justin and I did. I think the pressure of being perfect is what killed Justin and I. Andrew moved in with me about a month ago.

Andrew: Good morning, princess.

I smiled at him and pecked his lips as I streched my arms out. Today we had an award show to go to, did I mention, I was now somewhat a singer.

Rebecca: Can we just cuddle in  bed all day.

Andrew: Noo, you've gotta go.

I hid my face in his chest and groaned. My phone vibrated, probably another text from Justin. Justin didn't really know I was dating somebody.

Andrew: Who keeps fucking texting you?

Rebecca: Don't worry about it.

I looked up at him and smiled.


We were walking down the carpent, smiling for photographers. Andrew doesn't like the lights so he didn't go out on the carpet, but I had to, everybody was execting me to. I was wearing a long gown that followed behind me on the floor. I smiled as everybody called my name. I didn't know what way to look. I just smiled and walked. I looked back and saw Justin two people behind me. I don't think he realized it was me.

Andrew approached me as I entered the arena.

Andrew: Our seats are over here baby.

I took his hand and followed him. We took our seats and I went to grab his hand, but he stood up.

Andrew: I've gotta use the bathroom, i'll be back in a second, okay?

Rebecca: Okay, miss you already.

He left and I looked up at the stage. There were so many famous people around me, it was kind of unbelievable.


I looked to the right where somebody was calling my name. I looked and saw Justin. I muttered under my breath.

Rebecca: Oh my god.

He was so gorgeous.His eyes were shining and his hair was perfect. His hands in his suit pockets. I stood up and gave him a hug.

Justin: Oh my gosh, it's been forever.

He looked like he wanted to cry.

Rebecca: I know.

I smiled at him and looked at the floor.

Justin: You're gorgeous.

Rebecca; Thank you.

I looked back up into his eyes and smiled. He leaned his face closer to mine and I moved closer, too.


I looked behind him and there was a girl behind him. She had a beautiful smile. Her smiled faded when she saw me. I looked at Justin's face, and he was paniced.

Justin: Becca this is- this is Jennifer.

Rebecca: Nice to meet you.

I smiled in her direction and then looked back at Justin and gave him a disappointed look. I felt an arm slide around my waist. Andrew kissed my cheek and I smiled.

Andrew: Hey, i'm Andrew.

He shook Justin's hand. Jusitn looked at me like he was mad.

Jennifer: Well, we should take our seats, Justin,where are we sitting?

Justin: Right here.

I looked next to me and there was a chair that said "Justin Bieber" on it. I sighed and faked a smile. Andrew sat down next to me, Justin on the other side. I kissed Andrew, knowing Justin was watching. As the show started Justin was mumbling stuff to Jennifer.

Justin won some awards and thanked his family and his friends and his "love". He never specified, but I knew he meant Jennifer.


After the show, Andrew had to use the bathroom again. I ran into Justin again, he was alone.

Justin: I didn't know you had a boyfriend?

Rebecca: I didn't know you had a girlfriend.

I started walking away.

Justin: You're mad at me?

I shook my head and turned away from him.

Justin: You're kidding me, right? You're the one who broke everything off.

 Rebecca: I know.

Justin: How about you, you've got a boyfriend.

Andrew came out of the bathroom looking at his phone.

ANdrew: Baby, i'm so sorry, I have ot go to Florida, mom isn't doing well, she needs me.

Rebecca: Do you need me to come down?

Andrew: No, I don't want you to experience that, it might be too hard on you.

Rebecca: When do you have to leave?

Andrew: Now, i'll call you okay?

I nodded and gave him a kiss as he flew out of there. I turned around and Justin was talking to Jennifer.

Jen: Pleaaaseee!

Justin: You can go, baby. I'm just, really tired.

He looked back at me and sighed.

Jen: I'll meet you at home.

I started walking away, hoping this would be the last time I saw Justin.


I got home, kicked off my shoes, and put on a t-shirt then walked around with a t-shirt and my underwear on. I grabbed my microwave macaronni and sat on my couch, missing my cuddle buddy.

My doorbell rang and I got up and opened the door, forgetting i was wearing basically nothing. When I opened the door, Justinwas standing there, looking directly at me.

Justin: You said we could be friends, I want to be friends now.

I looked up at him and shook my head. He took a step into the door, moving me out of his way. I sighed and closed the door behind him. He looked at me from head to toe. I shook my head. He sat on the couch. I walked over and sat on the opposite side.

Justin: I remember this couch; it's where I lost you...

I looked at him and he was looking down at his hands.

Justin: You know, I never stoped loving you, I still want you right now.

Rebecca: Justin, I don't want to talk about this..

Justin: I know- i'm sorry...

I looked back at the tv.

Justin: Becca-

Rebecca: You're the one who did it. If you hadn't flipped on me the first time, we wouldn't be here.

Justin: I know, and I go over that day everyday and my head and want to kill myself for doing that, because then I lost you.

He was now next to me, close. I could feel his breath on me.

Justin: I don't love anybody, except you.

Rebecca: You thanked your "love" on stage tonight.

Justin: That's you. When I saw you tonight, I realized just how much I missed you, how much I lost. How much I love you, because I never stopped loving you.

Rebecca: You say it everynight.

Justin: But you left me, you got a boyfriend.

Rebecca: I was getting bad again, Justin I wanted to die when you left, I'm not gonna lie, I tried once after you left.

Justin: Why didn't you call me?

He sounded mad.

Justin: If you have those thoughts, I need you to tell me...

I nodded and looked at him. His eyes were hypnotyzing. They pulled me in as his lips approached mine. He didn't remove his lips from mine. He lifted me up and carried me to the bed and laid me down.




I woke up, everything all too farmiliar to me. I was cuddling up with Justin, up in the sheets. It was a feeling I was in love with, but yet I hated it so much.

Justin: No.

Rebecca: Just wake upp.

I whinned at him and he smiled.

Justin: Stoooop. You're my baaaby, I dont want to stooop cuddlinngggg.

I laughed as he squeezed my side while pulling my body clsoe to his.

Justin: Mine.

I looked up at him and his messed up hair. I smiled, because no matter what his hair looked like, it was perfect.

Justin: Wait, baby, what time is it?

I looked over at the clock.

Rebecca: It's 10 am.

Justin: SHIT!

He jumped out of bed, pulling his clothes back on.

Rebecca: What?

Justin: Jen is probably wondering where I am.

I looked up at him, about to cry. He stopped and looked at me.

Justin: What?

Rebecca: Get out. Now.

Justin: Wait, what?

I sat up, tears now streaming down my face.

Rebecca: You got what you want, now leave.

Justin: What?

Rebecca: You got sex, you got to make me fall in love with you again, now you're leaving again. I see the pattern.

Justin: No- last night wasn't about sex. I love you.

Rebecca: No, you don't. Because right now you're leaving me. I just basically ruined my relationship with Andrew because I thought you actually cared for me.

Justin: You think I don't care? I love you more than everything in my life.

He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at me.

Rebecca: Then stay, please.

Justin: I-I can't

I shook my head. He tried to kiss me before leaving the apartment. I turned my head away from his lips as he tried to give me a kiss.

Justin: Becca.

Rebecca: You said you actually cared..

He walked out the door and I started bawling. A few minutes later, the door opened. I was still crying, I was expecting Andrew, I wasn't going to lie about anything.  I hid my face in the pillow as I kept crying.

Justin: Hey, I just needed to put my suit in the car and get sweats.

I looked up at him, he was standing there in sweat pants, smiling at me. I started crying even more, except, now I was happy.

Justin: I'm not losing you again.

He crawled next to me and held me in his arms.

Justin: I'm not going to let you go... I promise.

Then my phone started ringing.

It was Andrew.











*AN Sorry it took so long, but there you goooooo :)

I hope you enjoyed it.

Tell me what you think.

Stay BeautifulXx*

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