A Sweet Death

Twelve year old Roselyn never thought she could die in a bakery... especially because the cases are filled with cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. But the horror is in the kitchen. But the best thing is the whole thing is just a TV show that Roselyn hopes to be in. When she and her friends win a contest to tour the bakery, they're in for the surprise of their life. (P.S. this is my version of the Hunger Games, so all you Suzanne Collins fans might enjoy this story)


4. Death?

The three of us nervously walk towards Hazel. I take a deep breath and say "Okay, we'll do  the games, but what do we get if we win?" 

  Hazel smiled. "I'm glad you asked, not many of my competitors ask that question. Let's see, If you win, that means I die, so I guess that gives you three the bakery," she said.

   I guess she noticed the delighted smiles on our faces because she added "Don't get your hopes up girls, I've been doing this once a week for five years in a row and have never lost a game,"  Hazel walks out of the kitchen and murmurs something to another baker. The two of them walk back into the kitchen with a bunch of cameramen. Apparently the other baker's name is John. He explains the rules to us.  Hazel runs to one side of the room and John motions for Zoey, Emily, and me to stand on the other side of the room ,exactly opposite from here.   John, (who I figured out was the host) says

  "Have a happy and sweet death!" (which is the show's catch-phrase)  "Let the death, I mean games, begin!"  

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