A Sweet Death

Twelve year old Roselyn never thought she could die in a bakery... especially because the cases are filled with cupcakes, cookies, and cakes. But the horror is in the kitchen. But the best thing is the whole thing is just a TV show that Roselyn hopes to be in. When she and her friends win a contest to tour the bakery, they're in for the surprise of their life. (P.S. this is my version of the Hunger Games, so all you Suzanne Collins fans might enjoy this story)


1. Contest winners

"Congratulations, you won the contest!" is what my friends and I heard on the phone when we all started screaming and jumping up and down. We just won a trip to the coolest bakery ever, cupcakes 4 u! Best yet, this bakery is famous for its fictional TV series "A sweet death", where the out-of-her-mind baker competes against kids to the death. Again, these kids and the baker are all actors, so it's fun to watch. In the bakery, the heat turns off and the room freezes when the door closes. The game begins with all the exits open, and the object of the game is to escape the room with your opponent frozen to death and locked inside. So far, no kid has ever won, but there were some who came close. I wish I could be on that show.  Maybe I will convince the writers and directors to cast me into the show with my friends. 

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