Truly Madly Deeply

Hi, I'm Karla DiVaska I'm 19 years old have brown hair and blue eyes. My father abused me for 5 years after my mother died, up until today. Today he had a heart attack and I ran away while he died. My life was terrible no place to sleep nothing to eat or wear, until.. a black haired british boy found me crying. He changed my life and we may have sparks or screams, hugs or hatred, kisses or kills, but he makes me complete.


1. The Run

Karla's P.O.V


"HELP ME" HEART ATTACK" I heard my father scream from upstairs, I would've saved him or called for help but i didn't. You see my father abused me for 6 years after my mother died, I hate him and now i could run away from him freely live my life. I ran into my room grabbed my phone, money, and PJ's and I left.


I ran and ran I knew my father was dead but I was still scared he'd find me. After 18 miles of running I reached it, the hill. I know what you're thinking, a hill? But this hill is our hill. Mine and my mothers, we would walk for hours talking then come to this hill, the one open hill in the forest we had a bench there and small pond, well there were two benches we never knew who else cam here but they also loved it I'm guessing. I sat on our bench watching the small waterfall flow into the pond, my eyes started to tear up. Just then i heard what sounded like sniffling, a tall figure came up the hill and stared at me, w-who are you, i stuttered. I'm Zayn a thick British accent replied and you are? He questioned. I'm Karla DiVaska, how did you find this place i asked him? My mum and I used to come here before she passed, he mumbled at the ground. I'm so sorry, my mom passed away to then me and my dad moved here to England and he abused me, I teared up and looked at him. He looked at me and said, where is you pop now? H-he died I shly said. Zayn looked shocked and asked me how. He had a heart attack while i was in my room and i hated him so I let him die, he deserved it! i said shaking with fear sadness and anger. shh its ok Zayn said and held my head to his chest. N-no it's not! I screamed at him, my mom died my dad abused me you think I'm an ugly fre-, he cut me off, who said i think your ugly or a freak? I think your gorgeous and your pop was an asshole anyone who hurt you shouldn't be related to you or even know you Zayn said proudly. You really think so? Of course i do he responded, now lets take you to my place you can crash there he said. Thank you Zayn, then i drifted off as he lifted me up and carried me into the moonlight.

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