A Collection of Mediocre Poetry and Lyrics

A small collection of poems and lyrics that I wrote to pass the time


1. Join the Cause


And if there’s life beyond our own

And if our time is merely on loan,

Are we wasted in our days,

Trudging along to earn a pay?


Of seven billion, we are one

Yet you see faces blurred by the sun. 

Our deeds are useless, existential, and cold

Our deaths are nothing, our stories untold.


We’re characters in 20th century prose.

We “could’ve been somebody,”

But wilt like the rose.

Careers give way to jobs,

Love gives way to convenience,

And our restlessness becomes insistence.


We’re confused by your generation,

Causing this mess, leaving us a broken nation.

You call us lazy for moving back home,

When coveted jobs involve images in coffee foam.


You’ve destroyed the institution,

Left us fighting for our constitution.

When student loans continue to rise,

And hourly wages become a prize.


We cannot sit back in agony and pain,

The people are singing, we’ll be heard again.

Never underestimate the petulant masses,

For we learned of revolution in history classes.


The rebellion is brewing, rest assured.

Payment is coming, the tables will turn.

Fear the people, the angered, the driven,

And know that you did this, nothing will be forgiven.

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