The Olympics

“Welcome to the One Direction Olympics, where the five British/Irish boys will compete to win the grand prize. Only one will be victorious of the five UK boys. Let you be warned, in this competition, anything can happen. There may be hatred, there may be love sparking during this battle. Who knows? Anything can happen.”


1. TODO {Preview}


Niall’s POV


            It was around mid-afternoon when Liam, the co-manager of our band, received an unknown call from a strange man, who offered us an opportunity to compete against each other in a game called “The 1D Olympics”. At first, we thought it was all nonsense, like it was just a prank from some 12 year old punk. But, after analyzing and researching from the internet, we we’re certainly convinced that this man, was no joker.

            “So are we going to take it,” questioned Louis as Harry, Zayn and I sat on the tight sofa.

            “I mean, it’s a great opportunity to join in, and have some fun.”

            “But, it could be dangerous,” Zayn worried quietly, “Who knows, he might be just plotting to kill us all!” I slightly patted his thigh, reassuring him with body language.

            “I’ve already talked to Simon and also management, and they all think it’s a good idea to do this competition thing.” Liam announced to us responsibly as he finally entered in to our discussion, whilst he held his cellular phone on his right hand. “That man, didn’t he also mention a grand prize, if you win the game?” Harry asked bluntly, fiddling with his fingers.

            “Yeah, didn’t he?” I added, tilting my head sideways in confusion.


            “He did,” Zayn replied shortly, “Something including a girl?”

            “A girl eh,” Harry piped, “Why couldn’t it be like, a car or something?” We all rolled our eyes, knowing his small obsession with cars. “If we told you that this competitions grand prize is a girl a few months ago, you would be squealing in excitement” I retaliated.

            “Maybe I’ve changed,” Harry muttered silently.

            “Maybe Taylor changed you,” Louis joked slyly. Harry sticks out his tongue childishly, knowing that the topic of “Taylor Swift” irritated him. “If I didn’t love you Lou, I would’ve smacked you with a brick and shoved you on wal—“

            “Okay,” Liam interrupts, clapping his hands loudly. “So are we going to do this game or what?”  The four of us looked back at each other, making contact with each other, making sure that we’ve chosen the right choice.

            “Yeah, we’ll definitely do it.”


{Author's Note}


This is a preview of my new story that we'll be coming soon! Hopefully, this all turns out well, and I'll have the time and effort to update frequently. 


Peace out hot dog chillies,



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