Love Him | Hate Him

It's a Harry Styles fan-fic. That's all you need to know. Read it and you'll find out what happens(:

Xx, Lottie (<Lottie is my pen-name!)


2. A Morning With GMA

**Time Skip To Next Monday**
~Alivia's POV~

My phone was buzzing off the hook but I had managed to ignore it until I couldn't take it anymore.

I extended an arm out from the warmth of my bed and patted around the top of my nightstand until I found it.

"Hullo?" I said groggily, rubbing my eyes.

"Hi! My name is Cassie and I'm an assistant here at the studios of 'Good Morning America!' Is this miss Alivia Grace?" The overly perky voice said at the end of the line.

"Um, yes?" I said, my sentence coming out more like a question.

"Oh good! We have you scheduled for an interview this morning. It will be live on air, so get all your jitters out before you get here. We should have a Town & Country fetching for you..." Cassie kept rambling on as thoughts took over.

'Why are they calling me?What did I do that is so significant?' I kept wondering, until a little certain something Cassie said, caught my attention.

"Wait a second. Could you say that again please?" My eyebrows had collided in confusion.

"Sure! I said your good friend Ashley will be interviewed too because,'ll find out. But anyways, the Town & Country should be arriving at your house within a few hours so you have time to get ready." Cassie continued to explain.

"Alright, thanks for calling!" I imitated her 'flight attendant' attitude.

"Alrighty! Buh-bye!" She hung up and I stuck my tongue out at my phone; a childish gesture that made me crack myself up.

To be honest, I have always wanted to be on GMA but I was secretly wondering how Ashley was involved.

Ignoring the nagging at the back of my mind, I took Cassie up on the getting ready part and took a shower.

I emerged out of my bathroom, wrapping myself in my fluffy, white Target bath-robe.

I walked towards my makeup vanity and sat down. Grabbing a purple glitter scrunchy (came from my figure-skating life when I was three) and put my hair in a top-knot.

I applied minimal makeup then quickly blow dried my hair and took the scrunchy out of my hair. My natural 'one part wave, one part curls' hair tumbled over my shoulder and I polished them up with some Moroccan oil infused shine serum.

My outfit looked like something one of the girls from Little Mix (my second obsession, even though I'm addicted to JB) would wear. It consisted of a white, sheer, sleeveless, tuxedo shirt; high waisted khaki, cuffed-at-the-ankle capris and a black cardigan.

A car horn honked outside and I quickly spiced up my outfit up with a metallic gold bow-tie and earrings and a few spritzes of my Angel perfume.

I slipped on my grey VANS, grabbed my Coach swing-pack and a breakfast bar and headed out the door.

"Heyyyy!" Ashley and I said at the same time as I slid open the van's door.

"Did you get the same call I did? The one from GMA?" Ashley asked once I was buckled up and the van started to drive away.

"Yeah. What was that all about?" I scratched my wrist.

"Idk bro." Ashley sat on her hands, looked out the window and bit her lip. Something she only did when she was trying to hold in a secret.

I ignored her strange behavior and nodded off to sleep.

Did'jya enjoy this next part?(: I hope you did! Because there are going to be two more parts published tomorrow!

Like it? Love it? Hate it? Lemme know in the comments below!

Xx, Lottie

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