Love Him | Hate Him

It's a Harry Styles fan-fic. That's all you need to know. Read it and you'll find out what happens(:

Xx, Lottie (<Lottie is my pen-name!)


1. 45,000

~Alivia's POV~

"Ashley are you done yet?" I said between yawns, my head face down in my pillow.

"Almost! Just a few more minutes!" Ashley waved her hand behind her.

"OMG, you said that like 30 minutes ago!!" I looked up, my hair disheveled.

"Sorry! I just really want to win this thing!" She turned around, her hair in her mouth; something she did often.

"What do even win, IF, you win?" I questioned her while simultaneously propping myself up on my elbows at the end of my bed.

Her eyes widened. "What do you win?! WHT DO YOU WIN?!" Ashley was starting to scare me now.

"Um. Yeah." I said, a little shaken up.

"Sorry. But what you win is the most beautiful thing you will experience!" She collapsed even further into my desk chair, sighing dreamily.

"And that is...?" My voice trailed off.

"A one in a life time experience." She blinked up at my purple with silver polka dotted ceiling.

"I'm not getting any younger here! What is it?" I said impatiently.

"If I win, I will get to tag along with the boys of One Direction for their entire Up All Night tour!" She fell out of my chair and onto the floor, kicking her legs up into the air.

"Ew. Those wannabe robot singers again?! I mean I like everybody but Harry. He just seems so...ew." I crinkled my nose up.

"They are not, not, not, NOT robot wannabe singers!" She got back up off the floor and back into my chair.

"Yeah they kind of are." I raised my
brows at her.

"Whatever. Just give me another minute on your laptop before I leave. I wanna fill out one more entry form for good luck." Ashley spun back around to face my MacBook Pro.

"Jeez! How many forms have you filled out?!" I pushed myself off of my elbows and into a sitting position.

"Umm...about 45,00o." She mumbled, typing.

"HOLY SHIT ASHLEY! HOW DID YOU HAVE TIME TO DO THAT?!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "We've only been back at my place for like, what, an hour? It has to take you at least a few days to do 45,000." I shook my head in disbelief.

She twisted her body around, her eyes straining to see me. "Do you not remember how good I am with computers?" She sounded shocked.

"Point." I lifted a finger, showing I still remembered. "Continue."

"Well I rigged it so that when I sent in one form, the computer copied that times 45 and sent 45 forms instead of just one." She smiled proudly.

I reached under my bed and pulled out my secret stash box with snacks in it. I pulled out three chocolate covered peanut-butter Fun Dips.

"Omg Alivia! Do you ever stop eating?" Ashley finished up her last forms and joined me on my bed, taking a Fun Dip from me.

I grabbed the bar back from her.

"Nope!" I smiled, then tore open the first bar with my teeth.

"You and Niall would make a great couple." Ashley grabbed her bag and left.

"Whatever!" I giggled at her but she was already gone.

Okay....what do you guys think of the first part? Like it? Love it? Hate it? Lemme know in the comments below!

Xx, Lottie

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