Last first Kiss

Being the daughter of a "boy band" manager, I love music! The thing is that im insecure.My parents say that im beautiful but thats what parents always say. I dont feel like that, i feel like when i look in the mirror i see this ugly girl. I hate how my voice sounds on tape. I want to meet someone (besides my parents) that says im beautiful. Someone like that, but who?


1. Intro: Nicole Madison Howard

 Hey, Im the type of girl that likes to have fun, but a fun thats safe. I grew up with strict parents, but i think thats good. I've never had a "serious" boyfriend. By "serious" i mean a boyfriend that is there when you need him, a boyfriend that no matter how the weather is he'll drive to your house when your feeling sad. I want aa boyfriend like that, a boyfriend that even if you just woke up he'll tell you your beautiful. But im always falling for the wrong guy. Well enough about my love life here are some facts about me:

Favorite color: Red

Favorite boy band: Backstreet boys (so far)

Favorite show: The X-factor

Birth Place: Hampshire, England

Hobby's: Singing

My dream career: Singer (isnt it obvious i love music)

Dad's career: Boyband Manager

Mom's career: Music Journalist

Favorite smiley: :p


                                   Im Nicole Madison Howard and this is my story.


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