One Way, One Direction

Avery and Celeste are some agregarteens read to know more


1. Going the one way

"Celeste, Avery is already at school! Get your lazy butt up!" "Mom,.I.don't feel good"
I insisted. "I know that trick. Celeste, get up now!" I grunted as I got up.
Sure, it was Friday, not only one day away from my dream vacation to iowa.
I brushed my hair, put it in water, dried it, and ate. Pancakes. Other people, want pancakes..they would say. But ne, no. Call me crazy..
All i want to eat is carrotts. And if you ask, I do like Lou Tomlinson from
My favorite direction. I ate, ready to grab my bookbag. I grabbed the mail and ran outsidr. I almost missed the bus. Luckily, i.made it. I walkex into school...
Intresting begins.
"Celeste!" My friend called. "howz the you know" she zmirked, walking away with.a popular girl.
Trust me. I dont know why i am her friend.
Yyaaaaayyyyy! School was out annnnddddd i packed fassst..... I hurriex an°c got to iowa plaine with Avery...her snobbish attitude leaving me aline for hours...she is asleep.
We arrived.
"hey..oh my god!" Me and Avery ran up to our favorites.. Lou and Harry! Avery hugged Harry and asked for his number, i did tye same with Lou. He said. "although Eleanor might be...." I was shocked. They broke up! No wonder, he blabberz much. Almost done. No. I gained more intrest in tge quite Zayn, hating loud Lou. Geez, no wonder he is single! Maybe good ol Celezte can help his blabber much?
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