Unexpected (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

It all started in a plane. Never thought that would ever happen to me. Well, lets face it .. Nobody wants to. Unexpected things happen to the people at random times. See , that happened to me. One word I could describe it would be : horrifying. It would never fade.. It'll stay in my memory. But could some positive things could come out of it ? Mind blowing ..


6. Chapter 6

Kelly's POV




It turns out that Melanie came to London a while ago. Just a little after I arrived. That sneaky little…..! That’s why she didn’t want to tell me when she was coming here because she already was. Then I told her how I met Harry and all the things that happened.


All of it.


She was shocked when she heard about the plane one. I guess it wasn’t in the news. How in the world! I bet you it was but she didn’t see the news. Who am I kidding she doesn’t even take a peak in the news because she thinks it’s boring. Well for me its just the opposite because I like to be aware of what happens around the world. After the explaining to each other, we explained to the boys about our friendship.


Then she and Niall told us all about how they met.




Melanie's POV


I was in the park the other day. I sat down in one of the benches. I was exhausted! I had just came from the airport. I didn't tell Kelly about none of this because I wanted it to be a surprise. I didn't want it to be like any other arrival because they're boring and they are just so ... used. Yes they are because everybody just goes places like 'oh I told my family I was going there so now I'm going.' 




I like to be fun and things like that. I told her that I was going about two weeks or more after she went to London. Well I actually didn't mean that. I packed my bags two days after she left and prepared myself to go to the airport. 


I decided to stay in a motel. Not far from Kelly's apartment or should I say 'flat'. Get it because now I'm in the London ways. No? Okay.


I felt someone sit next to me. I avoided them, not looking at him or her. I don't know how friendly these people are so I didn't say a word because what if I get myself in trouble. What if I say something stupid and they just leave. Or they are some kind of pedophile or pervert. I needed to calm myself before I really felt the awkwardness growing even higher. 


"Hi," the voice said next to me. Was it talking directly at me or to another person. Alright I'm not going to be rude. Maybe he/she is nice, we never know.


I looked at the blonde hair boy who was sitting next to me. He looked awfully familiar. Let me tell you that my memory isn't very good. I always forget what happens after a long while. Don't dare call me old because I'm young as a .. as a... uh, new born baby? 


"Hi," I finally said.


"What's your name?" He asked.


"Melanie. Yours?" I tried my best to be friendly which I was greatly pulling off. High five for me


"Such a pretty name for a pretty girl, huh? Oh Niall." He said while giving me his hand to shake. Was he flirting with me? But aw he said I'm pretty, and my name, too. I shook his hand and that's when I remembered, he was in One Direction! You see I actually remembered! Proud of myself.


We talked for a while and exchanged phone numbers. It's very weird how I just made a new friend. Don't get me wrong, I make a lot of friends. It's just that he is famous. I mean isn't it impossible to be friends with a famous person. Yes. Impossible. It just happened too quickly, but I must say he was very very very cute.


Once I got a room in a motel, I received a text. Niall. Wow, he's already texting me. Cool.


"Hello!"  It read.


I started texting him and we didn't stop until it was night. We texted a lot, huh. The hours just pass by so quickly. Yes, I must blame the time.


We stayed in touch and texted all week. Now, he told me that he wants me to meet the others. I agreed and here I am now. I certainly didn't expect to see Kelly here. Of course not. I was so confused as someone that is learning a new unit in math. You know what I should really stop doing, comparing things to each other so I can state my statement more specifically. 


And another thing I should stop doing, using smart words. Really I should.




Harry's POV



When the two girls hugged, I was confused. Who would've expected that they were best friends? That's just ridiculous.


I introduced Ari to Melanie and from then on they handled it themselves. They look as if they were getting along pretty well. 





Kelly's POV



We left the house and Melanie came with me to stay at my place. One of the boys had to drive us to the motel she was staying at and got all her stuff so she can stay at the apartment I was at.


Once we got there Melanie put all her stuff away in the drawers and the extra space there was in the closet. 


"So you and Niall, huh." I teased.


She blushed, "No! We are nothing! We are just friends." She protested. She is such a liar.


"Yeah and what about how you look at Harry." She wasted no time in shotting back at me. 


I froze, mentally. "What are you talking about?" I tried playing stupid. How did she notice?! What!


"Oh you know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't try to get away with this one." Ugh she got me. I can't cover it can I. I gave away, yes that easily. There is no matter in fighting back when she is right. I can't just hide the truth from my best friend! She would notice either way, no matter how hard I try to lie. 


"OK. You got me! I do like Harry. Just a bit. I mean come on who can't!" I said and she grinned.


"I knew it!" She sang and jumped aroung the room. I stuck my tougue out to her and she just did the same thing but kept doing her dance.


Weird girl.




I was going to get in bed, when I heard someone giggling. Melanie. 


I sneaked on her. She was texting someone. 


"Who you texting there?" I smirked. She turned red and froze. There I got her! Yes!


She shook her head," Oh nobody." Wow she can't really lie can she.


I laughed and shrugged it off. I crept into bed and let my muscles relax. I was so tired. When I was about to drift off, the thought of Harry popped in my head. I surprised myself by smiling?



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