Unexpected (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

It all started in a plane. Never thought that would ever happen to me. Well, lets face it .. Nobody wants to. Unexpected things happen to the people at random times. See , that happened to me. One word I could describe it would be : horrifying. It would never fade.. It'll stay in my memory. But could some positive things could come out of it ? Mind blowing ..


5. Chapter 5

Kelly's POV










I heard a knock coming from the door. Not just any knock, a fast knock. Impatient much?


I opened it revealing a panting Harry.


"Hi Kelly? There was a mob of girls running to m--" I cut him off by grabbing his arm and pulling him inside. He was talking so fast, but I understood already no need to explain.


"Just shut up and take a deep breath, you need it." I closed the door and he obeyed. Once he got his breath back he thanked me and sat down. It was still weird knowing Harry Styles from One Direction. I mean we just met at the hospital.


"You want water," I asked and he nodded.


He dranked it all in big gulps resting the cup in the table when he was done.


"So what happened?" I asked still curious.


"Well I was walking alone- big mistake - and out of no where I hear squeals not far behind me and when I turned around there was about more than 50 girls running towards me. It was dangerous I almost had a heart attack! Then I noticed that your flat was not far from here and here I am." He explained.


"Stalker" I said out of nowhere.


"Im not a stalker!" He protested.


"Sure, I'm not the one that memorized a strangers address." I smirked.


He rolled his eyes and changed the subject. We talked and talked learning new things about each other. There was a point when we ran into the same question.




'Why were you at the hospital?'




It was quite funny because because we said it at the same exact time. Maybe not too funny but whatever. He said that he was in the same plane as I was and I said the same thing. How in the world did I not see him in the plane?! And why was he alone? If all those girls find out about this they'll be so jealous, mostly those fake blonde ones that are 'Wanna Be's'. They get on my nerves with their high pitched annoying voice. Ugh don't even get me started in that.


Harry was a bit injured just a bit. That's not fair how I was in the same plane and I was the most affected one by all of this. Can you call that not fair. Yes.



I got lost in Harry's eyes and face features during the way. I admired his hair and every aspect of him. I know what you are thinking and NO! Not that part! This boy was beautiful and if I could say, Flawless. Completely flawless. Of course every girl would melt in his touch and eyes and just everything of him. I bet you his touch are soft and gentle while caressing your skin. What about his lips!? Woah! I could start babbling about that! ...


Wait a second! Hold on!


Why am I looking at Harry this way!? No no no. I can't, nope. We just met! Who am I kidding I can't go out with him and look at me I bet you he'll be disgusted to kiss me.


"Like what you see?" Harry asked snapping me out of my thoughts. My eyes widened when I caught up and him noticing me basically undressing him with my eyes! That is just creepy! But hey you can't deny it either. Every girl would die to be in this place right now.


Harry just laughed at my sudden shockness and I felt myself turn red. This is emberrasing. Repeating emberrassing a hundred times. I tried playing innocent like I didn't know what was happening or what he was talking about.


"What? I don't get it," I said while turning my head to the side and putting puppy eyes on. Can you say adorable, yes. I know I am, thank you.


"You know exactly what I'm talking about don't try playing dumb because it's not gonna work," he grinned.


"What?" I said.


"Kelly I told you it's not gonna work."


"I have no idea of what you're talking about." I said.


He rolled his eyes and just gave up. His phone started going off inside his pockets. He excused himself and stood up walking to the kitchen.


"OK. Yeah, Im just out. I'm going home soon anyways. Yeah don't worry. Oh shut up and no! Alright bye! Love you too." That's the only words I could've catched. He walked back and sat down.


"My friend. She cares too much." She. So his friend was a she. Well then.


"OK I'm sorry I have to leave. See you soon Kelly!" He stepped out of the door and left. Well that's what I thought he did. He came back flying through the door.


"Wait! I didn't get your number." I giggled and exchanged numbers and now he left. Can you believe I just got Harry's number. I know me either. He was just too cute.


Then, I started thinking. He would say to his friend that he loves her too? OK. Wait why am I getting all worked up on this? I shouldn't care anyways. It's his life.


I shook my head and tried to find something to do. All day long I couldn't shake Harry out of my mind. Do I have a crush on him? No, I have to focus in my studies. I don't want to be zoning out while I'm doing my job and getting fired. I just can't get too attached to him. It's too soon and I'm not looking for a boyfriend anyways. Am I?





Harry's POV




I took off from Kelly's flat and tried to not catch any ones attention. My best friend had called me and we've been friends since I can remember. It was all in second grade that she stole my crayon and I went to confront her.


I reached my flat and opened the door with my best friend sprawled on the couch.


"Hey!" Ari said. I walked up to her and gave her a hug before I threw myself on top of her, crushing her. That's the thing about our friend ship, that we always tease each other a lot. It's quite funny actually. We have never fought and started an argument which is really weird.


"What are you watching?" I asked while getting off of her.


"Nothing interesting." She said while keeping her stare at the televison.


"Where were you?" She asked, too. Ari is very protective and she never wants me hurt being there for me every time. When we were younger we promised not to tell each other lies and be honest in everything even if it hurts her or me. We don't want anything between each other to keep a secret because it would be revealed one day anyways and it would only hurt both of us.


"At Kelly's flat because I got mobbed." I simply stated and she nodded. I told her about Kelly so I don't have to hear her questioning 'who is Kelly?' 'Where did you meet her?' and things like that.


The whole day we did nothing. Well we just fooled around and I couldn't help but ask myself when I should bring Kelly to meet the boys and Ari. She must meet them. I know they'll love her because she has a great personality which she is very fun to be around with and is very beautiful. Not to mention she was hot. Very nice body and eyes. But! I don't know. I don't believe she is my type anyways.


"Are you there!" Ari said while waving her hands in front of my face. I guess I zoned out.


"Yes I am. Now." I smiled cheekily. "Actually I was thinking if you wanted to meet Kelly!"


"That would be fun wouldn't it. So yes, I would love to." She smiled before resting her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her and saw her eyes closing little by little until she fell asleep. I carried her gently and walked up to the extra room, putting her down on the bed. I tucked her in and I did the same walking in my room.






The next morning I phoned the boys and Kelly. I told them to meet at my flat tomorrow. I can't wait!


Actually I need to give Kelly my address and so I did.




Kelly's POV



Am I really going to meet all the boys tomorrow including his best friend. Woah! How did this escalate so quickly?


I decided to text Melanie.


Hey Melanie! When are you gonna come!! - Kelly


Melanie- Oops! I can't tell! My lips are sealed!


Geez thanks for making me wait. I appreciate your kindness - Kelly


Melanie - My pleasure! ;P


I rolled my eyes at my phone screen. Wow we can be really sarcastic at times. Well most of the times. That's how I work.


I started great the photography school and I've been really focused. I am advanced and I'm about to start working on actually taking pictures! Aren't you happy for me. I know Im happy for me too. Maybe I'm gonna be a professional. I wish..




Louis' POV



Liam, Niall, Zayn and I are at my flat except for Harry. He is at his own. Niall has been going out quite a lot and I'm just wondering what is going on with him. I have seen some changes on him.


"Niall where have you been recently?" I asked all curious.


"Nowhere. I'm just walking around London or driving either one. It's none of your business anyways!" He said. Liam and Zayn snickered making me sarcastically laugh.


"Sure." Niall gave me a glare and rolled his eyes. I smiled knowing something was definitely up with him but I'm not gonna say anything else.


I saw him relax in his seat making me wonder even more. There was really something going on with him.


Liam and Zayn were doing something weird together. I have no idea what but I decided to join to have a little fun because I was about to die of boredom. But then I saw Niall take out his phone and started texting making me smirk even more. Can he be more obvious.




Kelly's POV



I took a shower and did my hair putting my clothes on. I was really excited for today. Today. When I get to meet all the boys. I don't really know why I am that excited. Maybe because I'm get to see Harry. Of course not. Psh!


I put on an outfit and checks myself one last time in the mirror before I left to get cab. I hope this day won't be like the day before yesterday. That was just horrible!


A taxi finally stopped an I got in. I told the driver where to drive me to and not to be mean or anything but that guy scared the me. He looked freaky and creepy. His eyes very hungrily like. Pervert.


I started to get uncomfortable and started shifting in my seat when I the man won't stop glancing through the mirror looking at me. Can he not look this way. I can't wait to get to the house or apartment, I don't even know.


The car came to a stop and relief washed over me when the thought that I wouldn't be in the taxi with the man came to my mind. I quickly payed him and got out as fast as I could. I was walking to the door when I was about to trip. Oh please not now. Bad luck for away, you were supposed to leave the day before yesterday. That didn't really rhyme.


I rang the doorbell and the the door flew open. Harry stood there with a big smile spread across his face. Well wasn't be happy. He gestured for me to go in and when I stepped inside the boys were all in the living room with a girl that had blonde hair sitting at a chair.


Five faces suddenly turned my way and I felt myself freeze for a second before regaining myself back together. I don't like people looking at me it just made me so uncomfortable. Really.


"Lads this is Kelly!" Harry's introduced me to the boys who had their hands extended to me which I gladly shook with a smile. The girl gave me a smile with a soft 'hi'. She seemed nice didn't she. Was she Harry's best friend?


I learned each of the boys' names, of course and the girls name- Harry's best friend. Ari, that was a pretty name, right?


We all talked and talked. I felt a sting of jealousy because Ari was beautiful and how she and Harry knew each other for a long time. It is said that they start as best friends and then they go as more than that. Boyfriend and girlfriend. Instead of a friendship it would soon turn out to be a relationship.


I know I couldn't be thinking that. I mean, I just entered being friends with these people and I'm already attached to one of them. Attached? Was I really? Nah.


I was asked if I was single and I said yes. That's when we started talking about relationships. Like Niall hasn't have one since a long time the boys starting to tease him making him blush but annoyed at the same. He would roll his eyes at times.



Niall's POV



Ugh! They were all being annoying which I was getting annoyed. I kept rolling my eyes until I just burst. I couldn't hold it in any longer.


"Actually I have something to say." I said and all of them turned silent. Oh now you do.


"I want you to meet someone," I said again and all of them started making oohing sounds specially Louis. That boy was trying to make me spill the soup yestersday, well no that didn't work. I didn't give in. I have texted the girl for quite a while now and so I told her to meet me here today because I wanted her to meet everyone. I just couldn't keep her from them. They had to know. I had met her when I was taking a walk in the park and I saw a girl sitting alone in the bench and then I started talking to her, making a new friend who was stunning!


I got up and opened the door to let her come in. I had her by my side until someone started sqealing or maybe more like screaming.



Louis' POV


I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Niall was hiding something. Gosh Im so good at knowing things and sooner or later I knew he would tell anyways. That time was right now.



Liam's POV


Aww! Our little Nialler found someone. Im so happy for him and I hope he stays happy. I got interrupted by a loud squeal.



Kelly's POV


What is this!? How - When - Where.


I just couldn't process anything that was going on, I just know I let out a squeal. Well I thought I did it for only me to hear but I guess not. Everybody faced me but I was still confused.






We run to each other into a bone crushing hug. How is this happening. How in the world? I just can't even make a proper question. This is all unbelievable. But what is she doing here in London? Wasn't she supposed to be in America still? What?


"Wait you two know each other?" Harry asked moving his fingers to me and Melanie. We nodded fast. I felt like my head was going to pop out.


"We are best friends!" We both said at the same time. Creepy.

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