Unexpected (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

It all started in a plane. Never thought that would ever happen to me. Well, lets face it .. Nobody wants to. Unexpected things happen to the people at random times. See , that happened to me. One word I could describe it would be : horrifying. It would never fade.. It'll stay in my memory. But could some positive things could come out of it ? Mind blowing ..


4. Chapter 4

Kelly's POV





It has been about a week or so that I've been in the hospital. Right now I'm on my way to my apartment. The doctors put on a cast on my arm and let me tell you, this is going to take me a while till I get use to it. You can barely do anything! Well, anything comfortable, at least.


I walked down the hallway and stepped outside. The breeze was cold making me shiver right away. Am I really going to get used to this? I hope I will. I'm not the cold type. I faced down trying to not get hit by the breeze to much in my face. It's really annoying.


As I was walking, the only thing I could've seen was just the pavement and my feet walking, taking steps. I was so into the rhythm - that's what boredom has come to and hey I'm lonely ! - that I didn't know where I was going and bumped into someone.


It startled me and I looked up to just meet with the same green eyes I saw in the hospital room. I'm such a dork!


"I'm so sorry," I apologized. Wow now it was my turn to apologize as you remember. Walking in into the wrong room ...


The boy smiled showing off his perfect teeth, "It's okay." I've just catched that he has a British accent! How couldn't I have heard it before? It's so deep and so obvious that he has an accent. Hm, maybe I was still too sleepy to make my brain think too much. I already had a lot of things going on anyways.


"Hey aren't you the girl that I accidentally walked in?" He asked trying to make a conversation.


I nodded not saying a word but smiled.


He smiled again showing his dimples. I just want to slap myself so bad right now! I didn't know he had a dimple either and the thing is that he smiled just recently. What is wrong with me today that I keep getting distracted.


We stood not saying a word.


Well this is awkward..


Well if he isn't going to snap this awkward moment than I will.


"U-uh well I'm just gonna go.." I trailed off thinking of what to say next. Oh and look at that. I stuttered. Just fantastic!


"Oh .. Yeah. Well bye I guess?" I looked up to his face again. It looked like if he wanted me to say something. Almost as if he wanted to hear something or expecting something that I was about to do. I don't really know. I shook it off and started walking away.


"Bye!" I waved off.


Gladly, that was over! Not that I didn't it wanted to be it's just because of the tension. You get me right because he was cute!


I'm sorry I had to say it.


There was something inside of me that was trying to recognize him because it surely knew it has seen him somewhere else, but it just didn't hit me. Not a single idea.


I tried calling a cab. No luck. I tried again but those ignorants didn't stop. How in the world am I going to get to my new place now?! I tried again and guess what. Not luck again. For my 'lucky' time, clouds were starting to form and turned into a more darker grey. Not to mention it was kind of cloudy today. I never knew it would rain because .. Forget it.


It just hit me that London was a place where it rained really often. I'm such an idiot. Why isn't my brain not working properly? Something is so wrong with it. Needs some help.


I felt something cold and wet hit my cheek. Great. I looked up and rain drops were starting to fall going faster each second until it started to pour. Luckily there was a bus stop near me that had a bench and a roof covering it. At least I found something good today! Well for right now.


Puddles were deep and every time a car would pass through it, I seemed to be the perfect target. I tried to move places but there was no difference. The same thing would happen over again. My jeans were all soaked up making me furious. Oh how much I hate this.


Suddenly, after five minutes passed I heard a beep. Quickly I looked up to see a car in front of me. The driver rolled down the window revealing the boy with curly hair. None of the other, the green eyed boy with brown curly hair with an unknown name ... Yet.


" Get in! You're soaking wet!" Without hesitation I got up and climbed in.


"Thanks" I murmured.


"No luck in finding a cab?"


"Nope. This is not my day," I said while taking a glance at his face.

"Wait a minute. I never got your name." he said.


"Oh. My name is Kelly."


"Harry. Harry Styles." He smiled.




The light bulb just went on! Literally.


Now I remember him! I'm so dumb! How could've I not known this more sooner! Now I seem to be slow to catch up with things.


"Wait are you in a band?" I asked.


He nodded.


"It's called One Direction, right?"


He nodded again. I nodded in satisfaction of my just now intelligence/memory that came to me and actually remembered stuff.


I stared out the window and that's when it came to me. I completely frozed.


I'm sitting in the same car as a famous person! Right next to me is one of the member of a really popular boy-band that is known all around the world. Worldwide. I might just explode right now, shouldn't I. I mentally squealed. You would do the same don't lie.


"So where are you going?" He asked. I am so stupid. How did I forget to tell him? I told him the address and he drove me there. The ride was silent with short conversation here and there. I felt the car come to a stop. I looked around and saw that we were at my apartment already. That was fast.


"Thank you, really." I thanked him while getting off the car.


"No problem. It didn't hurt to drive someone to their flat." He said. I closed the door and opened the glass doors of the building. I got to the lobby and got a room.


The lady gave me the room number and I quickly went to it. I was already upstairs to the hall that my room was in. I opened the door with that had the same number as the paper in my hands. When should I go to the college or uni which ever you want to call it.


Oh and what about my clothes! My precious clothes I'm gonna need to buy some new clothes now. Spending money will do. This is going to be hard. With a cast and no help around me should be pretty fun, wouldn't it. We can't forget that I have no luck either. Yuppie!


I sat down and thought about things. The boy from a member of a boy-band just drove me to my house. Well something new. Everybody knew Harry. He was the one the people would recognize the most because of his perfect brown curly hair showing off, of course.







The hangers made a clicking sound every time I moved it. I decided to go to the store. I can't just have one outfit on for the rest of the day. Ew. I sighed not finding anything that interested me. I walked to another side and a pair of shoes caught my eyes. I looked at the price and was immediately  disappointed and upset. I put the gorgeous red heels down slowly. It was so expensive. Too expensive and the thing is that I don't understand the money/symbol for the London prices. The money has another symbol which gets me confused. I'm used to the American dollar sign instead of euros. I have no idea.


"Hi. How may I help you?" A girl that works in the store chirped by my side. I looked over to my shoulder and asked,"Yeah, um I was just looking for not too expensive clothes to buy.. Cryshanna?" I said reading her tag on her uniform. She nodded,"You can call me Cecee." She smiled warmly at me.


"Ok Cecee."


She led me to a different part of the store that had so many shirts and pants that I surely would like. I hope it's not too expensive.


"Don't worry, this side is not too expensive." She reassured, reading my mind. "Here I'll help you if you don't mind." 


"Not at all. I do need someone to give me their opinions on the outfits anyways." Cecee looked like she was older. Maybe 19 or the same age as me.


 The rest of the day I spent my time in the store with Cecee helping me out. We laughed and had so many things in common. She had pointed out a white shirt with pinkish-redish pants. I tried it on and it looked gorgeous. The shirt was a bit long and baggy - which was meant to be like that - making it a lot much better.


I bought that and a couple of other things. Now that made my day including the the ride (wink wink).


We agreed to stay in touch. I walked out of the door with a smile of my face. I just made a new friend .






Today was my first day of my learning classes. Uni or college. My cast was doing no help as I said. I know its helpful for my arm, but when that certain part of my arm that was completely covered itched, it was a nightmare. A horrible nightmare. I had to leave it until it went away. It wasn't easy.


I walked up to the big gates in front of me. The path was long and when I say long I mean long. When I got inside, everyone was in a hurry. Well not exactly everyone. In some rooms you could've seen flashes of cameras going off. This is going to be interesting. I walked in the office to a middle-aged women with glasses sitting in the back of the table.


After I talked to her she told me everything I needed to know. Where to go and information about the whole thing. She talked a lot. 


I stepped outside once again and searched for the room I needed to attend. 


I had to learn the basics and programs that computers have like Photo Shop. Most important portraits classes. It'll get me started good. I needed to become a professional photographer and it seems like I came to the right place. 

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