Unexpected (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

It all started in a plane. Never thought that would ever happen to me. Well, lets face it .. Nobody wants to. Unexpected things happen to the people at random times. See , that happened to me. One word I could describe it would be : horrifying. It would never fade.. It'll stay in my memory. But could some positive things could come out of it ? Mind blowing ..


3. Chapter 3

Kelly's POV

I woke up in a ................. bed?


Looking around, I noticed white walls surrounding me with a breathing thing hooked in my face. I don't even know. I can't think straight right now.

Was I in a hospital room?


I didn't die?


I'm so confused. Beside me was other people, too lying still. So this room is for a lot of patients to be in I guess. I recognized some people from the flight maybe this is a group of people that were rescued?

Am I sounding stupid right now..

Suddenly, the door opened to a men that has a white, long coat on.

He looked around to see who's awake and he stopped when he spotted me.

I couldn't really register that much. Everything happened too quickly.

He walked towards me and grabbed a clipboard on the way. Once he reached me he said, " Hello there how are you feeling? Any better?"

"Um .." I shook my head slightly because it was hurting so bad.

He mumbled something and checked my heart. " Well you are required to stay a couple of days. You have a broken bone, bruises, cuts, and a dislocation on the shoulder."

I was shocked at first. I was in disbelief.

I nodded and rested my head back on the pillow.

As I stared at the ceiling thinking of the recent accident that just took action, I started thinking about my clothing and such things.

What !

I just lost all those cute shirts that I had neatly packed and most of it were my favorite.

Well I'm mad. 

Melanie used to help me pick out nice clothing when we used to go shopping at the mall. I remember getting an elegant black dress that was tight and went up slightly above my knee. It had some white parts on it making it more better and unique.

I know it's a bad time to think about that but I'm those girls that are just obsessed with the clothes they buy. Now I won't be able to have the same clothes I used to buy and most of them were old which are better and were comfortable.


Oh whatever I'll just have to solve that after I get better and get out of this place.


Being at the hospital always terrified me for some kind of reason. Just the thought that people have died here gives me chills. Just think about it for real and then just picture you walking in the same room or hallway people have died on and maybe their spirits are floating around.


What if there is one next to me right now ... o. m . g.


Or what if one is breathing on me right now ...... OK Kelly snap out of it this is just making you more afraid of hospitals.

I tried going to sleep and wash off my headache.


From all the unnecessary  thinking it got even worse.


You can just imagine how bad it is, but hey wouldn't you worry about your precious clothes and outfits all destroyed?



Yeah that's what I thought.



I felt my ears pounding of this unknown, strange silence filling the hospital air. The only sound or noise you could hear is people walking and talking out in the halls. Other times it was just the flickers of the lights up in the white ceiling.


The noises seemed to fade as I closed my eyes, hoping this pain would go away for some time.










" 1, 2, 3 "




"1, 2, 3"



My body shot up in surprise with a sharp pain appearing in my chest. I felt myself breathing.

I heard a beeping sound next to me with a steady bit. I tried opening my eyes but they won't budge. I decided to stop because there was no use on doing so if I didn't have energy. 


Suddenly, I heard cheers surrounding me at the same times almost as if they just accomplished something important.


Why can't I open my eyes?

I really want to see where I am and what's going on.

After about 20 minutes everything went silent. It was creepy, of course, because I had no idea what was going on. The only thing I knew for sure is that I'm under light. You can easily tell because by the darkness that you were supposed to see was covered in red. All red. Completely.


You know what I mean, right?

Taking deep breaths, my chest rised up and down softly. It felt good to get air into the lungs. I had to admit that it gave me a little more energy but quickly went away making me lazy again.

I frowned at my tiredness. The thing that I wanted to know was what happened to me before I woke up. Well kind of woke up because my eyes didn't open. But you can say that I woke up because I can feel myself completely alive not unconscious. Because you know .. when you go to sleep you don't remember nothing. Just the dream at times.

Whatever I'm just babbling right now.

But hey! You can't judge me, Im all alone without knowing what is going on.

Im innocent.

I feel like a lost puppy.

No where to turn because I'm stuck in this bed. I can't stay lieing down for a while knowing I'm awake. Then when minutes pass, my body starts to itch or I have to move around or my bottom would hurt.


I stayed there with my arms on top of one another resting on top of my stomach.

This time I tried my best to open my eyes. I had many tries and almost gave up when my eyes just softly opened. Yes!

Mission completed.

But they did feel heavy.

The bright lights sent a sharp pain to my eyes while trying to adjust.

I looked around the room and saw that I was in  another whole different  room.

It was only for one person and there were machines in the side of me.

Wait.. But why did I change rooms ? 

That's unexpected and random.

Oh well ' I thought as I shrugged.


I started to think of a song. Yes ladies and gentlemans thats what boredom does. Hmm .. What about .... You Found Me by The Fray.

Yeah that'll work.

I skpped right into the chorus whispering the lyrics to myself.


Lost and insecure

You found me, you found me

Lyin' on the floor

Surrounded, Surrounded

Why'd you have to wait?

Where were you? Where were you?

Just a little late

You found me, you found m--

I got interrupted my the door opening.

A boy with curly brown hair and green eyes that you could've seen clearly stood right at the opening.

He looked surprised at first and confused.

" Oh, Im sorry ... Wrong room" he said with a low husky voice.

I smiled and nodded while he left and closed the door.

He looked so familiar...

It's right at the tip of my tounge but I can't quite mange to put my finger on it sadly.

The only thing I knew was that he was wearing those hospitals gowns like me.

He was very attractive even though I only got to see him for like 30 seconds, I closely admire his features.

He wasn't ugly for sure.

Wait why am I talking about him?

I shook my head trying to think of something else.

Well there is nothing to think about than questioning when I'm going to leave this bad creepy place.

I'll just have to wait days and days...

But for how many days.

You see! This doctor was not specific enough sigh.

Doctors these days.

Gotta love them ...

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