Unexpected (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

It all started in a plane. Never thought that would ever happen to me. Well, lets face it .. Nobody wants to. Unexpected things happen to the people at random times. See , that happened to me. One word I could describe it would be : horrifying. It would never fade.. It'll stay in my memory. But could some positive things could come out of it ? Mind blowing ..


21. Chapter 21


Kelly's POV


The next morning was pretty noisy. I don't know if I mean it the loud noisy of the room or the noise of just people talking. 

Hey, don't judge me it's morning. Usually in the mornings I really don't know what in the would I'm saying or even thinking about. Mostly, I make a fool out of myself. 

After I come out of my room from taking a shower and brushing my teeth, the usual, the noise was coming closer. 

When I reach the kitchen, Melanie and Niall were fooling around. I shouldn't be surprised.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head of how immature they are acting.  


You can take it both ways; dirty way or the playful way. Your choice, I wouldn't care anyways. It would just make it more interesting, if you ask me.


Later on that day, we were all sat down in the couch watching boring movies. I had no idea what was happening at all. It's Melanie's fault, not ours. She was the one that picked the movies. What kind of taste does she have?


No offense girl.


Oh if she only could read minds. Well lets just not go into details, that would be horrifying. 


I looked over to my right. Niall and Melanie were all cuddled up together like a nice, cute relationship. If only I could have one of those. 


I felt a sudden pain in my chest. Why does jelousy has to come right at this moment? I never thought I was going to be in this position. I always thought that getting into a relationship was going to be easy, but that was just a total lie. Only in my imagination that could be true.


I decided to look in the bright side. Me and Bryan are talking. This could lead into something beautiful, could it? Even though my feelings towards him are not even that strong. Well I don't blame myself, it was just the first date. You can't expect something high from it if you just met him and you are trying to get over someone else, right? 


Is that making me sound like I'm using people so that I could get my mind off someone that I never even dated?! Or better yet, I don't think he even liked me in the first place. I was just making something so big out of nothing. I feel so bad because our friendship was so good until I had to ruin it for some stupid thing.


What has gotten into me? I never thought this was going to happen. I'm just so stupid. Trying to act like nothing happened between our friendship was just a fail. Trying to talk to him like I used to back then was a total fail again. I don't know why, though. 


I just thought that like I liked him, he would have liked me back, right? I just think I went in too deep without even knowing nothing from his side and it just distroyed me, basically. Those stupid fairytales, gotta love them.




I shook the thoughts out of my head and focused on the movie since I was just staring blankly at the wall. Creepy. I'm so creepy. 


Why should I even be talking to myself right now? This is making me sound even more creepier. I'll just stop now because this all is just nonsense. For real.


I wonder if Niall is actually enjoying this. I bet you he is not, but I wouldn't be surprised.


I mentally sighed as I kept watching the movie. 


When the boring movie ended, I don't think I've been happier in my life ever before. Not to be mean or anything, but I'm already am so what's the point of saying that. It can't back me up, anymore. It's already late for the party. What am I saying?


Melanie stood up and stretched. "Well I'm gonna go take a shower." A smile tugged on Niall's lips, but he managed to cover it. 


Cheeky little bastard. I see you.


I felt my phone vibrate on my pocket. I took it out and a text from Bryan popped up on the screen. I tried to half smile at it, but it didn't work. 


Niall looked over at me and noticed. "Are you sure you are going the right direction with this?" He asked. He took me by surprise a bit. 


"Well yeah I guess?" I shrugged. Niall gave me a smile and a back on the shoulder. "Just trying to make it work," I added.


"What do you mean? Why are you pushing it?" Niall frowned. Well I didn't think he would actually comment on that, but I couldn't expect he wouldn't.


I stuttered a bit when I started. I didn't exactly wanted to tell him. The only person that knew was Melanie and I wanted to keep it that way. "It's kind of complicated."


He looked at me trying to search for something, but I looked away. I didn't want him to know. My expression tells everything. If he found out, I'm screwed. After a few seconds he dropped it. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, almost sighing in relief.


Luckily, Melenie walks in and saves the day as usual. I'm just kidding.






As I was getting ready to go on the date with Bryan, Niall was getting ready to leave. Him and Melanie just can't be without each other at all, but that's why he is coming back tomorrow to pick her up so they can go back to their apartment.


For some strange reason I started to get nervous. 


Why am I getting nervous? The last date went fine so I shouldn't worry one bit, right? Yes I am right. just think positive and everything would be alright.


I finished curling my hair and was ready for the date.




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