Unexpected (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

It all started in a plane. Never thought that would ever happen to me. Well, lets face it .. Nobody wants to. Unexpected things happen to the people at random times. See , that happened to me. One word I could describe it would be : horrifying. It would never fade.. It'll stay in my memory. But could some positive things could come out of it ? Mind blowing ..


15. Chapter 15


Kelly's POV



After a long day at class and all the learning, it was finally the time I've been waiting for.  


When I got to the flat, I dropped all of my things and called for Melanie to come with.


"Yeah, I think I'll pass this time," Melanie called for the other room doing whatever she was doing.


"Are you sure," I asked.


"Yeah I'm sure," she said while walking over to me with a big smile on her face and her phone on her hand. "Besides, Niall just invited me to a date," she beamed at me. Her smile was bigger than ever also showing up in her eyes.


After a moment of taking it in I started squealing and she joined in too.


"What, when, where?" I desperately said.


"He just texted me right now. He's going to pick me up and said that the place that we're going to is a surprise."


"I don't like that though because I don't know what to wear then," she scrunched her nose.


I chuckled a little. "Don't worry you'll find something. I know so," I assured her. She sighed and nodded her head looking down. At the same moment, her phone screen lit up. She picked it up and bit her lip, smiling like an idiot.


I decided to go ahead and leave now that she was hooked up on her phone. She didn't even pay attention to what I was doing anyways so I just made a run for it.


Walking down the street and pick up a taxi, some old perverts kept staring at me up an down. It creeped the shit out of me. Perverts.


I rolled my eyes and ignored them as a taxi finally stopped in front of me.






Finally, walking up the stairs from the hospital because the elevators were full as hell and there was a group of people just waiting there. I don't think I will ever get in like that, hell no.


Just for my luck, the floor that I needed to go to was like really high in the building. Great. I started to regret coming up through this way, but it was too late now that I'm already high in the stair case.


When I reached the floor, I was panting so hard. Oh my I really need exercise.


I was walking to the waiting room when I bumped into someone. I quickly looked up meeting Harry's green eyes.




We made quick eye contact and didn't say a word. At the same time I felt like my heart was about to jump off my chest. He was here to pick up Zayn and Louis I see. Well.


I turned my head, breaking the eye contact and the doctor walked up to me, telling me Cecee was good to go.


I smiled happily and went to her room. She already had her clothes on somehow. Did they keep her old clothes here that she was wearing? Oh well.


"Long time no see!" I greeted her.


"Calm down you just saw me like two days ago," she rolled her eyes.


"Whatever. Gosh I'm just trying to be cheery, but I guess you don't appreciate it," I said saying each word slow. Mostly the last part.


"Oh my gosh just come here," she said and extended her arms at me. I smiled achieving what I was trying to do. After we hugged Cecee got her things in her hand and we left.




Melanie's POV



I started pacing back and forth, almost having a heart attack.


I think I'm going to die of how nervous I am. I was already dressed and all. Just like a normal outfit. Skinny jeans and a shirt with some shoes and accessories. My hair was curled. Nothing special.


But I was still nervous.


I heard a knock on the door and I swear that's when my body automatically stopped responding. I was dead frozen in my spot.

I calmed myself down and fixed my hair when I was close to the door. I finally opened the door to reveal Niall. He was wearing a normal outfit as well. Like if we were just going to hang out and chill, but in front of people.


He was wearing black jeans and a red shirt. I felt myself smile. I think my cheeks are going to hurt afterwards.


"You look beautiful," he smiled. I smiled back and thanked him.


"You don't look bad yourself," I complemented.


Niall brought me to his car and coveted my eyes. I didn't even get to see where we were going to go. That's the bad part.


I felt the car stop and Niall uncovered my eyes. My eyes needed a moment to adjust from the lighting. Once I saw my surroundings I gasped.


This is so going to be a fun night.


I was surrounded by roller coasters and many different rides while people screamed their lungs out.


I looked over to Niall who was already mirroring my actions.


"We are going to have fun today," he said.


We payed for tickets and ran to the ride. I laughed loudly, the excitement going all through my body.


I was so pumped.






"That was fun," I said out of breath and a bit dizzy.


"Yeah and there is still more to go," he said.




Can't this kid get enough.


Well I'm not exactly complaining, though.


"Where are we going?" I asked.


"Pizza," he smiled.


Oh he knows me good.


I love pizza. I mean who can't?


Instead of going to the place, we went to his house and ordered it from there.


"Wait here. I'll be right back," Niall said and with that he ran upstairs.


I looked around, admiring everything. He is such a boy! You know what I mean when I say that right?


Yes, just pretend that you do.


I heard his footsteps coming down the stairs. He sat down with his guitar in his hands.


I furrowed my eyebrows. What is he going to do? At the same time I was curious of what he was planning on doing.


Niall's face suddenly turned light pink. His cheeks were crimson and started to play some chords on the guitar.


I listened closely and patiently as he started to sing, looking deeply into my eyes.



"We're both looking for something

We've been afraid to find

It's easier to be broken

It's easier to hide

Looking at you, holding my breath

For once in my life, I'm scared to death

I'm taking a chance, letting you inside

Feeling alive all over again

As deep as the sky, under my skin

Like being in love, she says

For the first time

Maybe I'm wrong,

But I'm feeling right where I belong

With you tonight

Like being in love

To feel for the first time

The world that I see inside you

Waiting to come to life

Waking me up to dreaming

Reality in your eyes

Looking at you

Holding my breath

For once in my life

I'm scared to death

I'm taking a chance

Letting you inside."



He continued singing the song until it end. He finished singing and I'm just frozen. My eyes were wide opened. I still have to let everything sink in. Wait am I breathing.


Niall took a deep breath and started talking before I could even say a word.


"Look Melanie. The first time I saw you sitting on the bench, you immediately caught my eye. I couldn't stop thinking about you all the other days after. I texted you and after that we became friends. I was more than happy with that to just at least have the chance to have you by my side. Now here I am trying to get this out of my chest," he admitted.


Oh wow I'm having a heart attack.


Is this really happening?


Should I pinch myself?


But that would hurt and I'll look like an idiot.


Am I breathing?


"I-if you don't feel the same, it's OK. I will understand," he stuttered.


He took a deep breath and let it out. I just noticed I haven't said a word.. His warm eyes locked back with mines.


I think it looks weird, me just staring at him in shock all this time. Does he notice?


That's when I felt like everything around me stopped. My heart melted in my chest as the words finally came out of his mouth.






"Will you be my girlfriend?"


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