Unexpected (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

It all started in a plane. Never thought that would ever happen to me. Well, lets face it .. Nobody wants to. Unexpected things happen to the people at random times. See , that happened to me. One word I could describe it would be : horrifying. It would never fade.. It'll stay in my memory. But could some positive things could come out of it ? Mind blowing ..


12. Chapter 12


Kelly's POV

I stayed there frozen for a moment. What did I just do? Well the past is the past now. 

I returned to the couch where Melanie was still there eating some popcorn that were left from the bowl. 

"You alright?" She asked.

"Yeah I'm fine," I barely made it into a whisper. I stared blankly at whatever we were watching in the television screen. 

Will i ever get over him? 

Thats when I got the call.

Cecee's POV

I looked to the right. 

I panicked like crazy.

I screamed. Wait did I really scream because it didn't feel like it. 

Everything seemed to go in slow motion. 

I looked to see Zayn who haven't noticed a single thing. 

"Zayn!" I screamed at him, or at least I thiught I did.

He didn't even seem to budge a tiny bit. 

I looked over to Louis who had his knuckles white from gripping the steering wheel too hard. Was he that pissed off?

My eyes started watering. My mouth opened to scream one more time.

That's when it hit me...

It already happened.


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