Be Alright!

A 15 year old girl just moved from NewYork to Canada. And when she moved she took a plane and she had to sit next to a guy named Justin, because her parents were sitting together. They started talking and they really hit it off. They gave each other there numbers and when they landed the made plans to hang out. READ TO FIND OUT MORE!!!


3. When We Land

After about 42 hours on the plane talking to justin we finally landed. I tried to grab my bag but i was just a little to short to get it, so justin had to help me."thanks" i said looking into his eyes."your welcome beautiful" he says smileing. As soon as he said that i felt like i was getting ready to die. Butterflies went all over the inside of my belly. i look down feeling my self blush. He hands me my suitcase. "nice meeting you" i say. He said "you to." I start to walk away but then i felt his hand grab mine he swong me around and said "text or call me sometime beautiful". "i will" i say blushing. He hugs me tight around mmy neck i hug him around his waist. Then he walks me to were my parents are. I say bye and he hugs me again. I turn to my parents and we walk out. Then they start asking me a whole bunch of questions like, who is her, or whats his name? My dads questions are like, why was that boy hugging you, do i need to have a talk with him etc... I finally chage the subject and ask what the house would look like. They wont tell me anything but what neiborhood its in.

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