Be Alright!

A 15 year old girl just moved from NewYork to Canada. And when she moved she took a plane and she had to sit next to a guy named Justin, because her parents were sitting together. They started talking and they really hit it off. They gave each other there numbers and when they landed the made plans to hang out. READ TO FIND OUT MORE!!!


1. The Talk

Tonight was the night that my mom sat me down to tell me that we had to move to Canada. "Why" I asked with tears in my eyes. "Because your fathers job is going to be transferred" she said that with sadness in her voice. She kept on going on and on about dads new job. But I made her pause at the part when she said we were moving tomorrow! "WE'RE LEAVING TOMORROW!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. "Yes sweetheart I'm so sorry go upstairs and back your bags we leave early tomorrow morning." "Whatever" I run up stairs trying to get ahold of Mackenzie (your best friend) while I'm shoving clothes into a bag. She finally picked up the phone.
Phone Conversation
Mackenzie- hello
Me- I'm moving,,
Mackenzie- when
Me- tomorrow I'm moving to Canada
Mackenzie- WHAT
Me- I know
Mackenzie- you better call me every day
2 hours later
There all my bags are packed. I continue thinking to myself what would happen if I get to my new school and no one likes me. Or what would happen if on the plane I sit next to an old guy that snores and I can't sleep... I'm so not looking forward to tomorrow.
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