Be Alright!

A 15 year old girl just moved from NewYork to Canada. And when she moved she took a plane and she had to sit next to a guy named Justin, because her parents were sitting together. They started talking and they really hit it off. They gave each other there numbers and when they landed the made plans to hang out. READ TO FIND OUT MORE!!!


4. The New House...

We arrive at the house and we are all so exicted to get to our new house. My mom and dad likes to live in the woods. they say its peacefull. I get a little freaked out by the woods at night. But when we pull up to the house i look up from my phone and see a gigantic 2 story house. i leave all the luggage to my dad and walk up to the front door. I open the door and walk in when i walk in i see the living room. I am so shocked all of our funiture is already here. I look around a walk up the stairs to a loft area. Next to that there was a room and i open the door and it was a home thearter. I go in and walk around. I am so shocked that i have that in my house. I walk a little bit down the hall i walk up to double doors and open it . My mouth drops it was my room OMG it looks so gooood! I walk around my room and i see my dad come in i turn and he puts all of my suit cases in my room. "Kaitlin unload your suit case" he stated. "Okay" i reply. I start to unload and put all of my clothes in my closet. All of a sudden i get a text from justin...


J- Hey

K- Hey broskii

J- Wyd?

K-nm unpacking

J- oh well i just found out someone moved in right next to me

K- oh really well you should go and check it out.

J- okay text you what happens

All of a sudden i hear a knock at the door. "JUSTIN! ITS YOU" i say loud. "OMG" he says. we hug and i invite him in and we go up to my room and he helps me unpack and we just sit and talk...

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