Be Alright!

A 15 year old girl just moved from NewYork to Canada. And when she moved she took a plane and she had to sit next to a guy named Justin, because her parents were sitting together. They started talking and they really hit it off. They gave each other there numbers and when they landed the made plans to hang out. READ TO FIND OUT MORE!!!


2. The airport

I'm asleep in my bed. I all of a sudden hear a knock at my door. "Kaitlin wake up" i hear my mom yell from out side my door"we don't want to miss the plane." I stumble out of bed and put on some sweat pants from Pink. I put on a tank top. And a really loose jacket. I get my suit case and look around my empty room. I walk downstairs yawning. My dad takes my suit case from me and puts it in the trunk of the car. My mom is already in the car. I walk to the car. I pull my phone out from my pocket and start listing to Justin Bieber be alright. (My favorite song of his). We all of a sudden get to the airport. I get out of the car. And walk inside the airport we half to wait till we hear our flight all of a sudden our flight was called. I board the plane and I leave my parents behind. I find my seat and sit down. I am so tired I just sit there and wrap up in a blanket that the flight attendant gave me. But some boy comes and sit down. I look up and it's the Justin Bieber!!!!!!!! He just sits there and looks at my phone screen cuz it has a picture of him shirtless. He smiles and looks away. I feel myself blushing. He looks back and says "can I get your name?" I say "Kaitlin" with a smile. I can't even talk right now. Especially because him and Selena aren't dating anymore. We just sit there and talk and talk and talk.
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