Fix You (Zayn Malik)

I'll always have to fend for myself, but I never wanted it to come to this. Making such a major change. I never thought of the day I would be the one begging for money, trying to find somewhere I belong. But why all of a sudden does he even care? Why can't he just treat me like everyone else... like an object? -Melody


7. Chapter 6


    I stay hidden down the alley as darkness crosses over the skies around me. There's no doubt he's looking for me right now. I'm honestly scared. If he does find me, which will be soon, I will be punished badly. Just like the last time I didn't work the corner. I thought too myself that staying in this alley will not help with my chances. So, I stand up, grabbing my things, and walk out of the alley and on the sidewalks. I look around, making sure there isn't many people walking around. Just as I hoped, barely any people were out. I scurry down the street, trying to get away, for now that is.

  I pass the park, only some people were there. I keep up my pace, moving one foot in front of the other.

" Hey! Where do you think you're going?"

        I stopped immediately at the sound of his voice. He found me. I turn around slowly, and there he was, clear as day. He took a few steps until he was directly in front of me. A dangerous smile played on his lips. I couldn't talk as fear took over me. Who would of thought he would find me so easily. He had his normal attire on,  black pants, black dress shoes, and a black suit jacket with a white tee shirt under. I took a single step away from him, but my knees felt shaky from fear.

" Are you going to answer me or just stare at me like an idiot?", his voice demanded. My mouth opened and closed trying to find the courage to speak. He simply shook his head at me before grabbing me by my wrist. Hard. I yelped at the contact. But, it's not like he hasn't done it before. He started dragging me down the sidewalks towards his car.

        He then threw me in the backseat like a ragdoll. My arm hurt, and so did my whole body. It had been slammed against a hard leather seat, so it's going to hurt. I looked down at my wrist and noticed a bruise had been left there. I sigh, sitting back in the seat. He looked at me through the rearview mirror. His ice cold eyes made me feel uncomfortable. He just shakes his head before starting the car. I shift uncomfortably in the seat, looking out the window. The night stars shined over the car. I smiled weakly up at the sky. It reminds me of my dream, it gives me hope. Hope that one day this could all be different. A day that I can be free to do whatever my heart desires. 

        All I want is just that. Being free from this. Can't that just be possible? But like I said, I wish. The car ride was silent, which only made it worse. I knew where we were going, and I knew exactly what was going to happen to me. We pulled up to the small abandoned building. He got out, opened my door, and dragged me out by my wrist again. The pain was almost to much, but I kept up with him. He opened the front door and threw me in. I was on the cool hard ground (see what I did there?)

  I looked around and saw I was surrounded by the others. Some faces I can recognize. Like Shelby, the blonde tall 17 year old. And Carly, the petite 20 year brunette. They were just like me, but instead they lived here with him. " My dear Melody. I thought we had an agreement", his voice interrupts my thoughts. I just stare up at him, knowing I should stay quiet. " Where were you? You were suppose to be at your spot? And where is my money?". My mind was filling with things to say. I was already in trouble, so I can't talk my way out of this one. He took a step closer to me, as I still lay on the ground.

" No excuse this time? Nothing. I see...", he starts walking in circles around me. My heart is racing. He could do anything to me, absolutely anything. I looked around to the other girls. They all looked sorry for me. Which, I was starting to feel sorry for me too. " Melody. The deal was, you were free to live on the streets.... if you gave me my earnings in return. Which means being at your corner. Every. Night", his words were cold. His eyes blazed. He was mad. Beyond mad, he was furious. 

        I stayed silent. I didn't know what to say. I can't tell him I just didn't feel like going out. Or that I was tired, it doesn't matter. All he cares about is the money. That's all. " Are you going to answer me?", he said sternly. I remained quiet, not knowing what to say. Then, he sends a hard kick to my said, making me and all the other girls yelp. My hands went directly to my side from the pulsing pain. " SPEAK!", He screams. I just whimper, holding my side. He's never hit me before. I'm actually really shocked. He never, ever hit me or any of the others. Now... My fear of him only grew. I now knew he wasn't afraid to beat us if we misbehave.

  When I didn't answer, he sent another kick to my other side. I cried out in pain. My eyes stung with tears that I could not let fall. He would think I'm weak, and that I am not. " GO ON! ANSWER ME!". My voice was shaky, but I spoke, " I-I was tired. I couldn't work, it hurt to much....". It was quiet, but he heard me loud and clear. " You were tired? That's why you didn't go to your job?", his voice was rising again. I just nodded, keeping my head low. " That's not a good answer". He then grabbed me by my hair and yanked me up to my feet. I bit my lip, trying to keep in the tears. " Now... Next time are you going to go to your corner?", he asked his voice softer. I nodded my head quickly. He threw me to the ground and started to walk away. " You're free to go. Just remember... I'll be looking out for you...". 

        I quickly got to my feet. I looked around the room of girls. They all looked sorry for me. I hated that, I really really hated that. I ran out of the building and down the streets, finally letting the tears fall. 

  I got back to my home, and I'm now balling. The pain was to much to handle, my feet hurt, my sides were killing me. I rocked back and forth in my box. Why can't my life be different? Why did I have to have a "owner"? Why can't I just be normal? I wonder all of these as my eyelids droop shut. Hoping to get a desent night sleep.

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