Fix You (Zayn Malik)

I'll always have to fend for myself, but I never wanted it to come to this. Making such a major change. I never thought of the day I would be the one begging for money, trying to find somewhere I belong. But why all of a sudden does he even care? Why can't he just treat me like everyone else... like an object? -Melody


5. Chapter 4


        The next morning, I gather up my clothes and use the mans shower before I leave. He's still asleep in his bed. I step into the steamy warm shower. The hot water running down my body, it fells amazing to finally have an actual shower. When you have no where to go, you pretty much use restrooms, sinks and stuff. It's terrible, but it's the life I have. I scrub soap all over my body, trying to get all the dirt, and muck off my body. Next I grab some of the shampoo off the shelf and start scrubbing through my hair. Once I feel like I've cleansed myself, I climbed out, wrapping a towl around my body.
        I turned off the water before grabbing my clothes and getting dressed. I slide on my warn down skinny jeans, put on my grey v-neck shirt, and put on my old raggy converse.

         Looking into the mirror, I feel a little better then before, but I still feel dirty. I feel like this everytime I finish one of my "sessions" I guess you can call them. I mean, I kinda lost all of my inesence at a young age, so I feel just dirty. I hate having that feeling, because no matter how much I want to, I'll never find that one special someone. I'll never be able to have kids.. Well at my own will that is... I'll never have an actaul boyfriend. And I'll never find love..

      I grab my well earned money off his dresser, that is placed next to the bed. I walk towards the door, taking one last glance at the disgusting man on the bed. But, I can't say much. He and many other men, are the reason I'm still alive today. I leave the house stepping out into the cold December air, at least I think it's Decemeber. Chills run all over my body, from my wet hair, and the minumum clothing I have on. I sigh before walking through the streets of Bradford. I can normally find my way home pretty easily, I know the insides and outs of Bradford.

I keep walking down long streets in the morning sun. I look around seeing kids walking with their parents, smiling and laughing together. I smile sadly at them, seeing how happy they are with their family. I don't have a family...  I have nothing. I wonder what it's like to have someone who cares about you. And actually wants you around, other then just having sex then push you off the side of the road. Have someone by your side no matter what...
        I feel a drop of water trail down my cheeks. Was I really crying? I never cry. I wipe my eyes quickly with my hands, keeping up my pace down the side walk. I hear kids giggling, friends laughing together, people talking. It's all to much for me to handle. It just reminds me how fucked up my life really is. 

        When I finally come to my alley, I slump down in my box and just cry. Tears streaming down my cheeks, letting out loud sobs. My face falls into my hands, letting the tears soak my palms. I just want a chance to show the world what I'm really capable of! That's all I want! But no one can ever do that for me! I'm always, and forever going to be on the streets, struggling for survival!


" Hey? What's wrong?"

My head snaps up. I see the boy who has been following me around, standing right there. He has dark brown hair, almost black, gelled up. Hazel brown eyes that sparkled, he was pretty attractive, but he is creepy. Plus he could be the cops, trying to arrest me. I quickly wipe my eyes before standing up in front of him. I'm face to face with the boy who follows me around. Stalker much? 

        " What the hell do you want with me?!", I yell with a new round of tears making there way to my eyes. He looks at me with a concerned expression. He tries to hold my shoulder, but I flinch away from him. I take a step back towards my box, trying to keep as much distance between us as I could. He looks hurt almost, but I don't care. All I care about is why he's here in the first place, why he's been following me around the past few days. 
        " Do you live here?", he asks quietly pointing to my box behind me. I look back towards my home, then back to him. I can't tell him about me living here, he'll try and take me away. I've seen it happen before with other people. They live on the streets, like myself, and someone comes along and takes them away. I can't leave... No matter how much I want out of this life, where could I go? They would probably put me in some type of home, like before. And I'm not living in one of those again, no thanks.

" No.... I-I just like sitting h-here. To think", I lie, stuttering through my tears. It's weird hearing myself talk to someone other then myself. Actually having someone there, standing in front of you, listening to what you're saying. He looks to my box then back to me. I can tell he knows I'm lying, but he doesn't say anything. He simply nods and looks to the ground. But one question is still running through my mind...

        " Why have you been following me around? It's really creepy..", I ask not taking my eyes off of him. I see him crack a slight smile before looking back up at me. " I didn't mean to freak you out, it's just... I actually don't know..", he laughs. I smile slightly, but still keep my distance. No matter how friendly he seems, you never know. People are never who they seem to be, me being a major example. It stays pretty silent between us, all you hear are the sounds of people talking and laughing out in on sidewalks. I'm still shivering from the cold air around me.

  I see the boy look at me before he takes his jacket off and walks towards me. " I think you need this way more then I do..", he says draping the jacket around my shoulders. I try declining the offer, but he keeps pulling it tigher around me. " No, please take it. You look freezing", he says sweetly to me, giving me another smile. I put my arms through the sleeves of the warm jean jacket. It actually does help, not much, but it does. " Thanks....", I say quietly letting my head drop. We, again, just stand there looking towards the ground. The first actual conversation I've had with someone in a long time, and it has to be with this guy... Why?

        I feel his hand grab my mine, before pulling me out of the alley and onto the side walks. I snatch my hand away from his, and fumble back a little. He's trying to take me away! I knew it, he is a cop! He's taking me away. 
        " Whoa, what's wrong?", he asks looking at me like I'm nuts. I shake my head taking another step away from him. " Just don't touch me..", I growl. He raises his hands up in defense, " Sorry, sorry. Didn't mean to offend". I roll my eyes and look up at the sky. 
        It's pretty clear today, not many clouds, which means a good night for star watching. I smile up at the sky without even knowing. I guess just looking at the stars gives me hope, I don't know.

  " So I never got your name...", the boy says breaking me from my stare up to the sky. I look back down at him, seeing him wearing a smile. I take a deep shaky breath before speaking, " Melody.. the name's Melody".



Melody. Melody. I keep repeating the name in my mind, trying to imprint it in my memory. Melody looks back up at the sky, smiling again. I wonder what she's thinking about. Whatever it is, she's really happy. But when she looks back down at me, the smile is completely wiped off her face. Like it never happened. 
        " Pretty name for a pretty girl", I say adding a wink. She looks at me with disgust, like I'm something that just got stuck on her shoe. I eaze down on the flirting, because obviously it makes her feel uncomfortable. " Well.. Um... My name's Zayn. Nice to finally meet you", I say extending my hand out to her. Melody just stares it for a good few seconds before taking it. 

        I find myself staring at the girl in front of me. Now that I can finally get a good look at her, she is pretty attractive. Long black hair, dark brown eyes, and fair skin. I begin to notice that she's in the same clothes as yesterday. 

        " Take a picture, it lasts longer...", she mumbles giving me some attitude. I shake my head as if I was in a trance, but I can't help it. I've been so caught up in this girl for the past couple days, that now having her standing in front of me... it seems unreal.

" I should really be going...", she sighs taking a step around me. " Wait! Can I see you again? Please?", I try giving her one of my adorable looks that no girl in history can pass up. She gives me a hard glare, before her face softens. My smile widens as I hear the one word that makes this all worth it.

" Sure..."



Hello! Well thank you guys for reading this story! It's really different from anything I've done before, and I'm hoping it's going to be good.

So what do you think of Zayn and Melody finally meeting? Do you think she'll lighten up to him? Comment, heart, and all that good stuff!

Love you guys!! <3


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