Fix You (Zayn Malik)

I'll always have to fend for myself, but I never wanted it to come to this. Making such a major change. I never thought of the day I would be the one begging for money, trying to find somewhere I belong. But why all of a sudden does he even care? Why can't he just treat me like everyone else... like an object? -Melody


4. Chapter 3


        I ducked behind the dumpsters in the alley trying to get away from the strange boy. I feel as if I've seen him before, but then again I could be mistaken. I see him peek around in the alley corner, looking around. Why is he following me? Could he be the cops? Did they find me? Did they find out what I've been doing? My heart is racing just watching the boy look around. They can't find me. I'm not going to be taken away again, I'm not leaving this place. I'm staying right here, and I'm going to continue doing what I do, they can't stop me. 

        When the boy finally decides to leave, I stand up from my crouched position behind the dumpster. My heart is still pounding. But I can't let this bother me. I have to just keep going on with my usual scedule, and keep doing what I do. I'm not letting this boy, or whoever he is, stop me. I sigh while opening up my water bottle and taking a sip. The cool water feels good running down my dry throat. Running does that to me, since I'm so weak and frail. It's not the best idea for me to be running around like that. I rip open the fruit snack and start eating them like theres no tomorrow. I'm starving, and I know fruit snacks aren't the best thing to eat, but it's what I got. Plus they are pretty good, so I'm not complaining. Anything I can get my hands on is like a feast to me. 
         I take a seat in my box, and continue eating my fruit snacks. All I have to do now is wait till dark. Then I can make a second attempt to make money for the day.


        I'm once again, sitting in my corner, waiting for a costumer to walk by. It was almost pitch black on the streets. I pull down my shirt, trying to relveal more then I'd like to, but it's what attracts people to me. Also being a pretty "fit" 19 year old girl helps, as I'm told. Even though I don't look at myself as fit, or healthy that is. I feel like garbage really, I don't think I can fit in anywhere. Or even be someone one day. I'm always going to be that girl who worked the corner. Nothing more than a slut or whore or whatever all those girls say. Because, it's true. I am, but that doesn't mean I actually like it. I don't, I honestly really don't.

Finally, after what seemed forever, a car pulled up in front of me. I stood up and made my way over to the car, leaning in on the window. Normal thing I do whenever I get an offer, making sure to bend over showing off a bit. The man gives me a smile before unlocking the car doors. Without even saying a word, I climb in. Going off to what was my every day thing...



        I find myself once again walking down the streets, this time searching for the black haired girl. I don't know why I'm so obsessed about this, I really don't. There's just something about her that does not seem right at all. It's like she has some dark secret, and I can tell without even talking to her once. She even ran away from me today. Why would she run away? I didn't mean to freak her out that much for her to actually run away. 

        I've never been like this before, walking around hoping to see a girl again. Never. Normally I'd see a girl, talk to her, then after that.. Back to the same old same old, but with this girl. It's different. I can just feel it. 

        Just as I turn down the same road, I see her. She's sitting on the ground, back pressed up against the wall on the other side of the street. She doesn't look happy, in fact, the complete opposite. I smile slightly at the sight of the girl. I look left and right before crossing the road, making my way over to her. I'm hoping to at least get a conversation in with her this time. 
        Just as I get closer to her, she gets up and walks over to car. I stop in my tracks completely as I watch her lean down against the window. What is she doing? Does she know the guy? I don't know, so I just stand there and watch. I hear the car doors unlock, as she steps in the car. I just stand there and watch, curious as to why she got in the car. 

        The car then drives away, leaving me standing on the sidewalk like an idiot. I still don't understand this, but I guess she knew the guy. She wouldn't get in the car if she didn't. I let out a sigh of defeat and turn on my heels, heading back to my mum's place. As I walk, my mind wonders around. Thinkning about the girl, I really wish I knew her name. Just a name is all I want.. well maybe not all I want, but still.

         I run my fingers through my hair, trying to fix it from the blowing wind. I finally reach home and walk up the sidewalk leading up to the door. When I open the door, the house is dark. I'm guessing everyone is asleep, it was pretty late. I throw my shoes off and hang my jacket up before walking over to the couch. While lounging on the couch I switch the telly on, seeing what was on. Nothing interesting.. as always. That's when my mind wonders the black haired girl. I can't help but wonder why she was sitting at the corner like that, and with such little clothing on. It is freezing outside, all she had were some jeans and a low cut shirt. She must have been freezing her little butt off! 

        Before I know it my eyes close and I'm fast asleep, still thinking about the girl on the streets...

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