Fix You (Zayn Malik)

I'll always have to fend for myself, but I never wanted it to come to this. Making such a major change. I never thought of the day I would be the one begging for money, trying to find somewhere I belong. But why all of a sudden does he even care? Why can't he just treat me like everyone else... like an object? -Melody


3. Chapter 2


        I sit alone in my box for another night. But I couldn't help that something, or someone was following me. It could've just been a weird feeling, but it just felt real. I sit back huddling in the corner like I always do, watching the pavement that runs up and down the alley. I felt like it was getting pretty late, so I decide to lay down in the box and close my eyes. The darkness seems to calm me down just enough to fall asleep, still hungry.


The sun shone through my box, making my eyelids flutter open. I let out a moan, not wanting to wake up already. From the lack of buisness last night, I'm stuck again without any breakfast... I'm getting real tired of this not being able to eat. My stomach growls again, and this time it actually hurts. That's not good... So I do my plan B. I grab my foam cup that I keep beside my box and walk out of the alley. I walk down the street towards the open area, not really a park, but it was kind of like one. I set down my cup and cleared my throat. If my main buisness doesn't work, I try and go with my second option, which is singing. I have been told before that I have a good voice.

        I start to sing. 
Making my way down town
walking fast, faces pass
and I'm home bound

Staring blankly ahead just making
my way making my way through the crowd
And I need you
and I miss you
 and now I wonder

If i could fall into the sky
do you think time would pass me by
Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
if I could just see you

        I get lost in the lyrics, like I often do when I sing. It's one of my passions that I like to do when I'm not working. It's just a stress reliever for me. I continue with the song...
it's always times like these
when I think of you and I wonder if you think of me
cause everything's so wrong
and I don't belong
living in your precious memory

And I need you and I miss you
and now I wonder..
if I could fall into the sky
do you think time would pass me by
cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles
if I could just see you tonight

        Before I know it people are actually dropping some money in my little cup. Like I said, I have to work for my money, and I really do think that this is working. People aren't just handing me money, they are listening to my voice, and are getting entertainment from it. So it's kind of like my night job as well. 

        As I finish the last note of the song, the people surrounding me erupt into applause. They are all smiling and dropping dollar bills into my cup, along with some change as well. I can't help but smile at what I've earned. I thank them all before running to the nearest convinince store and buy myself something to eat and drink. I have about $12.50 in this little foam cup of mine, and I plan on buying some delicious food with it. Or at least anything that I can get my hands on. 

    My eyes wonder the shelves before I catch sight of a boy standing at the end of the asile. He is looking at the food as well, but his eyes keep wondering over to me. Normally, this kind of behavior makes girls self consious, but I'm used to this kind of attention. I give him a small smile before grabbing a bottle of water and some fruit snacks. Yes fruit snacks, I love them. I wakl to the cash register and pay for my items with the money I've earned.

        As I walk out of the store I notice the same boy followed me out. This is the same feeling I had last night, and I'm afraid it was correct. I'm being followed around, and the scary thing is... I don't know whether to run, or remain calm, because it could very well be the cops...



        As I was out for another walk this morning, I couldn't help but hear singing coming from the little park down the street. I followed the sound of the voice to see the same girl from last night, with a little foam cup in front of her. She is singing her heart out, and if I'm being honest, she's amazing. Her voice goes perfectly with the song, and she puts so much passion into it, it's just amazing. I smile down at the small girl on the ground. Now that I get a good look at her, she's not that bad looking either. She's pretty attractive if I'm being honest.

When she finishes the song the whole crowd around her, including me, bursts into applause. I see her smile widely as she grabs her cup with the money in it. I've never really seen a girl so excited about getting money before. Especailly such a small amount, and yet she's beaming. She gives a little thanks, before running off down the street. I take this as my opprutunity to follow her. I don't know what it is about her that has me so interested. 

        I follow her into the local market, and see her look around for something. I stand at the end of the asile passing quick glances at her as she scans through the products. I look at her again, when she sees me. She gives me a small smile before grabbing water and fruit snacks? I then follow her to the check out and out the door. I can tell she notices me, but then she starts to speed up her pace. I quicken mine as well, as my curiosty becomes to over whelming to control. She looks back at me one last time before bursting into a run. As if by instinct I begin to run after her, down the familiar streets of Bradford, chacing after the black haired girl. 

        We come to the same street as last night when she stands in front of the alley enterance. Why is she running away from me? " Wait!", I call out to her. She looks almost scared before running down the alley. I catch up and look down the alley way, and of course.... She's gone again...

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