The Twins Same Interest (Jai and Luke Brooks)

Delilah Ray's mother gets promoted to a new job in Melbourne AU. She currently lives in North Carolina (U.S.A) with her big brother Zander and her Mother. Delilah is so upset about leaving her one and only friend Carson, he's the only person that understands her. On the plane to Melbourne does she meet someone who might become her new best friend? Or should I say someone(s)?


1. Chapter 1.

Delilah's P.O.V

"Delilah get up!" I heard my mom yell from down stairs. Great today is the day I'm moving. I slowly got out of my bed and called Carson, my best friend. 

"Hello?" He answered 

"Hey, It's me are you going to drive me to the airport so we can hang out?" I asked 

"Yeah. Be there in a second" And with that he hung up. 

See my Mom got this huge promotion at work so we had to move half way a cross the world. And by 'We' I mean my Brother Zander, My Mom and myself. I'm not exactly popular or anything but my best friend Carson is the only person I need. I'm surprised Carson is even my friend he's kind of popular and I don't hang around with that crowd. They think they are better then everyone else but truth be told they aren't. They always want to hang out with me but I ignore it Carson say's it's because I'm gorgeous (Which I'm not) so they all want me to be in there little group. But I don't really care about them. My brother Zander is 1 year older then me and he is Mr. Popular himself. Although he's fine at home he's a real prick at school. What sucks even more is that he's protective, every time I brought a boy home he always say's he doesn't like him or some other stupid shit. He treats me like I'm 4 but I am a 15 year old freshman who doesn't need babysitting. Anyways to no surprise Zander is happy to move he says it's a good was to meet 'hot chicks'. 


I heard Carson honking the horn. 

"Bye Mom, see you in a few of hours at the airport" And with that I left. Since we live in little old North Carolina there are no planes flying into Australia so we have to drive to New York for the plane to Melbourne.On the way there Carson and I just caught up and talked. We were finally at the airport and Carson decided to go in with me because my mom wasn't there and we were early. When we got out of the car we saw tons of screaming girls outside. Carson and I started to laugh realizing they were fan-girling over someone. When we got inside I sat next to where my plane was boarding. 

"I'm going to use the bathroom" Carson said as he stood up. I tried to take a look at who those girls were screaming at but I didn't see anyone that I recognized. So I went back to my phone. I stood up but right when I did I bumped into some body and fell on the ground. 

"I'm sorry" the person said while helping me up. 

"It's okay.." I giggled "But why were you standing so close to me" 

"Well My brother" He said while pointing to someone right behind him with a video camera "His names Jai, We were playing truth or dare and he dared me to come and dance behind you." 

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