My Irish toss-up

Will Lauren give up everything to be with Niall or will she go back to her abusive parents ?


4. Nialls room

"I'm in " I chimed and we all agreed. "Truth or Dare Zayn? asked Harry. "UMM...Dare!" Zayn shouted. "I dare you to run out side shirtless all around the fans outside. "Challenge accepted" Zayn said. He jumped up took his shirt off and ran out the door. We all got up and Looked out side to see Zayn running around and all the fans going crazy. He finally got back to the room and was laughing. I could'nt hold it in anymore and started cracking up. After everyone calmed we sat down in the circle. "Lauren Truth or Dare?" Zayn asked me. "DARE" I yelled bravely. He thought for a second and finally spoke. " I dare you to go do something with Niall in his room for ten minutes and then come out but dont tell us what you did" I looked up and saw Niall's eyes opening with excitement so I grabbed his hand and asked him where his room was. "Come on" He said and pulled my arm in his direction. When we reached the door he locked it and we both sat on his bed. "Lauren?.." Niall asked. "yes? " I just wanted to say that I really like you" He blushed. I looked at him blushing too "I like you to Niall" I breathed. He scooted closer to me. I could feel his breath on my lips. He then pushed him lips on mine. His tongue was begging for entrence. At first I didn't let heim so he grabbed me and put me on his lap which made me gasp then he slipped his tongue in. I start to feel his member harding beneath me. I get out of his lap and work to unbutton is pants. After they were undone his member sprung up. I pulled down his boxers and grabbed it in my hand. He moan slightly. I then stated to pick up the pace. After A little I felt a warm white liquis spill unto my hand. I wiped it off and stood up. "I love you" Niall said. "I love you too " I repeated.


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