My Irish toss-up

Will Lauren give up everything to be with Niall or will she go back to her abusive parents ?


2. Nandos and Numbers

Niall P.O.V 

I was looking at some plain white vans when I noticed a beautiful girl standing a couple of feet away looking at some neon colored vans."Liam," I called Look at that girl over ther" Liam turned around to glance over at her. "She is pretty Mate" He said. "You should go say Hi" I started blushing and Harry looked at me. "After we are done paying you are going to go say Hi " He said. Everybody paid and Louis looked at me. "Stop being a pussy" he said. We all laughed and started walking over to her. " Hey" We said. " She looked up and looked a bit embarssed. "Whats your name" Zayn asked. Her name was Lauren and she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had long wavy brown hair and crystal blue eyes. I was lost in thought when Louis whispered "GET SOME" in my ear then pushed me close to her. "Hey, Im Niall" I said. She giggled. " We were wondering if you wanted to go to the food court with us" I offered. "I would love to " She replied. She paid for her shoes and we all walked out. When we arrived at the food we looked around searching for a place to eat. "How about Nandos?" I suggested. Laurens eyes lit up" I love nandos she yelled. After we oreded we sat around ate. It was pretty late so after we decided to go home. Before we left we all exchanged numbers we hugged and left. I can;t believe I got her number. I said to myself

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