My Irish toss-up

Will Lauren give up everything to be with Niall or will she go back to her abusive parents ?


1. Mall time

Lauren's P.OV

I woke up to the light shining in my eye. "Damn it" I said. If my parents would buy me curtains I could sleep in more. I hated my parents. Every morning I had to wake up and do whatever the fuck they wanted. I got out of bed slowly and went to the bathroom. I threw on some black high waisted shorts with a teal lace shirt. So what if my parents thought I looked like a whore they do already. As I was walking downstaris i could smell the smoke and liquor. I reached the bottom step and was knocked down by a hit to the back of the head "SHIT!" I yelled. I got up and head was hurting like hell. " Hurry and get up you slut" my dad yelled. I rolled my eyes and walked to the kitchen. "Aren't you supposed to be at school you Dumbass?" He asked sluring his words. "Dad,it's summer" He made a grunt and stumbled back to the living room. I told my dad I was leaving and he replied "Don't Get any AIDS while you are gone you whore" then threw a beer bottle at me (which he missed). I ran out of the house and tried to fix my hair. Where should I go? I thought to myself. I decided to go to the mall. I secretly have a job my dad does not know about and so thats how I buy stuff. If he ever found out he would beat me to death. When I arrived at the mall there wasn't that many people there. Good. I decided to go into charlotte russe first. I bought some light pink highwaisted skinnies and a mustche shirt. The next store I went into was Vans, There was barley anyone in there but these five guys. One of them turned around to ask the sales clark something and I saw who he was. One Direction was standing less then 20 feet away from me.  I played it cool untill they all came up to me and said Hi

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