My Irish toss-up

Will Lauren give up everything to be with Niall or will she go back to her abusive parents ?


5. Blood and tears



*Lauren P.O.V * 


Niall and I walked into the living room and found the boys all sitting on the couch watching Toy Story. They turned around and saw Niall and I holding hands. "AWWWWWW" Louis screamed. I instantly started to blushing . We made our way to the couch and I scooted closer to Niall. "So you guys are dating now?" Liam asked I opened my mousth to confirm the followimg statement when Niall Yelled "yes!!" then planted a little kiss on my lips. After that we watched the movie Evil Dead and I was so scared I was in Niall's chest the whole Time. After The movie was I leaned over Niall which let him see down my shirt to get my phone. "I like the View." Niall laughed. I slapped him in the arm " Pervert He pulled my in his lap and hugged me tightly. I looked at my phone. 9:47 Pm. "Oh my fucking God my Dad is going to kill me" I freaked. "I'll Drive you home babe" Niall offered. I got up and grabbed my stuff and we headed to my house. By the time we got there it was 10:00 Pm. I kissed Niall goodbye and watched him go before I walked in. As soon as I walked in BAM! A glass beer bottle missed my face by Inch. Just then my dad came stumbling in. "Where were you bitch?" He yelled. Before I opened my mouth he grabbed a fistful of my hair and slammed my down on the ground. He raised his foot and kicked me in the face. I could feel the warm blood pouring down my face. I tried to cry out for help but then my dad punched me in the stomache. I instantly groaned thinkind broke something. He picked me up and threw me outside with all his force. "Don't come back you slut" He yelled before throwing another beer bottle which hit me in the back and then broke. I felt my self slip out of conscious. 


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