Porcelain Hearts

Harley Black:What am I meant for?That's a common question for Harley.She's an angry "little girl",according to her teachers who have given her referrals and detentions at least twenty times.Yet she still can't help but agree with the people who make her life a living hell.But she knows something they don't.

Charlie Raven:Charlie has always been the odd one,he's always been left out,he's been labeled the "weird" boy for all of his life... until freshman year.When he fails 9th grade,he thinks his life is going to be the exact same.The poser,the snitch,all of the horrible names that had been repeated to him time and time again.Instead,the exact opposite happened.Apparently he isn't a "wannabe" like everyone said he was.All of the sudden,he's the most popular guy in freshman year.He has everything he asked for.But suddenly there is one girl who is everything his old self could've wanted.She's... different.The only catch is that she's the only thing he can't have.


3. Real happiness.




 Walking to school is such a pain in the ass. I mean, why can't I carpool? Parents don't make any sense. Well, they never have to me.


 My friends aren't far behind me, I don't know why I'm in front of them, instead of beside of them. For some freaky reason, I think it's because something's going to happen. I have no idea if it going to be good or bad, and I'm guessing if anything happens, it's a mixture of both. I don't know why I think this is the first place. Nothing ever happens to me.


 I walk up to the cement of the school when I see a girl. Not just any girl, she's really, really pretty. She's tall, and just wow. Prettier than any girl I've seen at this lame ass school. When she turns around, I look the other way, not wanting to look like a creep. But I catch a glimpse of her face, and it's... angelic, almost. Huge amber eyes, heart shaped lips, and a heart shaped face. But I also catch a glimpse of her hair. It's midnight blue. Obviously, it's dyed. She has a stud on her nose but I like it. More like, I would've liked it when I was in the sixth grade. But there's something to her, maybe it's her eyes, or it's just her.


 I can tell she's more than a girl who tries so hard to look good, and isn't smart enough to put a puzzle together. She looks like one of those girls who naturally are pretty. She's special. A diamond in the rough. And trust me, there's a lot of rough. 


 I feel like I should go over and talk to her. Yes, you could also say I was going to flirt with her. But rejection crossed my mind. I hadn't been rejected by a girl in a ling time, yet the effects of being tossed into the trash by someone you cared about were long lasting. Painful, very painful. I couldn't see that angelic face being that awful.


 I don't know what I would say to her. I couldn't use a regular pickup line, she deserved better. I realized that I had never thought this much about a girl. It was usually that I saw a hot girl, flirted with her, and we went out, and then it was over. I never really hooked up, I was the " rare " guy who wanted to wait until marriage. But I never really cared about a girl, not enough to tell her how pretty she was, how nice she was. That's why I was the "spinster" of my friends. I didn't care about many of the girls I dated.


 I snapped back to reality, long enough to find my friends behind me.

" Dude,what the hell? You ditched us. " Bryan questioned.

" Sorry,man. I wasn't that far ahead anyway. " I replied.

" Whatever. " 

 Bryan and his girlfriend, followed by a few other guys and their girlfriends on the football team walked into the school.

" Hey Charlie, did I see you checking out that girl, Harley?" my best friend, Matt, asked me.

Unwilling to give him an answer," How do you know her name? "

" Because for starters, she's my stepsister's best friend,and you had a 'crush' over her for two years in sixth grade."

"  Oh yeah. " I say, remembering the two most embarrassing years of life, and the girl I was obsessed with for the entire time.

" Man,this is your only chance to hit on her. " Matt said.

" What do you mean 'only'?" 

" Look at her. She isn't that nerdy girl in the back of the classroom anymore.And you aren't the geek anymore. Plus, do you think you'll be the only guy interested in her?"

" Yeah, I get that she's not that girl with braces anymore. I always liked her. I just never realized that she would look so different. "

" That made total sense to me. I don't give a fuck, go over to her, and say something. " he said, seriousness in his voice.


 My story isn't interesting, nor is it important. I was the school geek for pretty much all throughout middle school. Our town school is a lot smaller than you think, and three and a half years is a lot longer than you'd think when you're life is hell. I had my only friend, Matt, and that's about how high I went on the social importance scale. I admit, I was pretty smart, but of course, no matter how smart you are, popularity rules above all. No one liked anything about me, so they didn't bother to even know my name, or learn anything about me, other than the facts that I only had one friend, and liked the only other person in school who was anything like me.She went by Kendall, I guess just because she didn't like her name. They would make fun about how " preppy " her name was. I thought it was pretty, and it matched her. She wasn't all that pretty, but her black curls and green eyes led you to another world. But they would make fun of her, not to mention me, the only guy " ugly and stupid enough to think she was attractive ". I can never put two years worth of hurt and anger into words, but I would have done almost anything to erase every thought from my mind, and take away all of the vengeful and hate filled thoughts I had. 


 I remember all of those times when I would wish that I could just stare into those big, green eyes forever. It's cheesy, I know, but it's true. I would've given almost everything to just look into her eyes. I still remember those eyes when I go to sleep, as if they're the last thing I see before I go to sleep, and the first thing I see when I wake up. Just thinking about her eyes make me sigh.


 But I'm not that person anymore. I don't want to stare into her eyes, I don't want a girl who has curly black hair, I don't want a girl with a few extra pounds. I'm the linebacker for Panthers' high school. I am the the most popular guy in Junior year, and I have been since Freshman year, the second time around.


 It hurts something inside of me to say it, and I'm not sure if it's true or not. I try to reason with myself, she doesn't have black hair anymore, she has blue,and she's as skinny as any cheerleader. She's exactly what I want. What I need. I know that she's something special. I can't just say something to her, I can't tell her that I was a loser that liked her all of middle school, but I never said anything, because I thought she was too pretty and kind for me. I still feel that way. I want to go over to her and tell her everything, and she would understand. I'm frustrated, because I don't even have her at arms length, and I'm still thinking about her. I'm walking in the halls to homeroom,when I run into someone.

" Watch yourself. " she says.

 I don't look down at her," Really? You're the one who ran into me.", I lied. I look down at her, and I meet a pair of the most... beautiful eyes I have ever seen.She looks as shocked as me.

 "Um, I should go...", she says quickly.

 " Wait, Harley! " I say a little too quickly.

 She stops for a second," How do you know my name? " she raise an eyebrow.  

" Aw, you don't remember me? Remember Charlie Raven? The biggest geek ever? "

 She laughs at my bitter joke," I remember you. I had the biggest crush on you in the sixth grade. Don't worry, I've gotten over it.. " She trails off.

 I haven't gotten over it.I was tempted to say. " We need to make up for lost time, you know." I whisper, but she hears.

" I know. "  

" Ca- Can I have your number? " I stutter.

" Of course." she smiles. She takes my hand, and writes her number on my palm in black ink.Her handwriting was curly and twirling.

" Okay friend.Call me later. " She backs away and then starts to walk away. Holy shit, that was so awkward. Not to mention that she called me "friend."It's better than nothing.My heart is racing, even more than when I'm finished at football practice. I don't know where this relationship is going to go, but I know it's going somewhere where I'd stand by Harley,no matter what.

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