Porcelain Hearts

Harley Black:What am I meant for?That's a common question for Harley.She's an angry "little girl",according to her teachers who have given her referrals and detentions at least twenty times.Yet she still can't help but agree with the people who make her life a living hell.But she knows something they don't.

Charlie Raven:Charlie has always been the odd one,he's always been left out,he's been labeled the "weird" boy for all of his life... until freshman year.When he fails 9th grade,he thinks his life is going to be the exact same.The poser,the snitch,all of the horrible names that had been repeated to him time and time again.Instead,the exact opposite happened.Apparently he isn't a "wannabe" like everyone said he was.All of the sudden,he's the most popular guy in freshman year.He has everything he asked for.But suddenly there is one girl who is everything his old self could've wanted.She's... different.The only catch is that she's the only thing he can't have.


2. Me,myself,and I...



 I wake up panting, sweat rolls down my face even though it's 20 degrees outside.I get up, shaking my head.The images inside of my head terrify me, yet I know I am looking at myself.

 I close my eyes, and instead of seeing darkness, all I see are huge wolves staring up at me.I see... nothing.It blurs as I try to remember what happens in the moment, but I'm left with nothing, as if my inner wolf is trying to hide an important detail from me.

 My inner wolf is simply,the wolf inside of me.The other half of my mind.As I can phase certain things from the wolf,like sight or smell, in return, when I phase, my wolf uses my memories and human traits such as common sense, sympathy, etc. so I don't end up killing another wolf that doesn't respond to a dominant.


 I am.. a werewolf, I tell myself.I had always known that this was my heritage, this was in my blood.Yet I still can't picture myself as a wolf.I can't picture myself as a... monster.But that is who I always was.That's who I am.

 I breathe heavily, and look at the elaborate tattoo-like markings on my back.The more elaborate and colorful the markings were,the higher in rank you were in the pack.My markings were blood red and fire orange,that looked like flames and almost were exposed at my neck.They were on my left side,stating I am a dominant,and they spread to my front,marking I will be the Pack's next Alpha.It was unusual for a female wolf to have such "public" markings,as they usually have markings more private.

 It's generally males that are the Alphas,so it's "outrageous" to the other Pack members that a female will become the next Alpha,out of two children,one who is male,isn't the next Alpha.It had always been a "fact" that only males were the Alphas,and now since I am the next Alpha to one of the largest packs in the world,some people are starting to wonder what they've been told is true or not.They tell my father that they're surprised,but I know that they're sexist.This all brings me back to the first time I phased...

 When we phase for the first time, it it like turning into a whole other being.It's tiring... and you're mind is barely yours.Your wolf takes over, not caring who is the other half of the mind, as wolves are dominant creatures.It feels like you're going insane.Everything looks... different.It's as if you're not going faster,but the world is going slower.You can smell everything,for example, you could smell all of the ingredients that was in a bowl soup.Every separate ingredient.It's an advantage, I guess that's what you could call it.


 I sigh, and look at the clock on my wall.I can't believe it's 6:00 already.I guess time goes faster when you're worrying that when you're dreaming.

 I walk into my small closet, and I pick out an outfit.Jeans and a Excision shirt I got at a concert.I don't feel like putting on any makeup today, even though I know I need it.Instead, I put on a beanie and for my shoes, I put on my uncle's combat boots that he gave me before he died in the Navy.A basic outfit,as I am not really that stylish, I'm more of " Clothes are supposed to be comfortable" type of girl.

 I walk into my bathroom to put my hair into a bun,because the beanie looked weird because of the shirt.I sigh as I look at the bags under my eyes.I pull my midnight blue hair up into a bun, and I walk out, and grab my backpack.


I walk to school, since it's literally a quarter of a mile from my house.

" Mom! I'm going to school now,okay? " I yell for her to hear.

" Okay honey! " she yells back.

I step out of the front door,having a thought about skipping school,which only lasts a second because I know I can't afford to get into anymore trouble.


 Trouble is all I am when it comes to school.Is it my fault that nobody respects the fact that I don't want to be messed with?No it isn't.When a girl cusses me out behind my back, and then tries to punch me in the face, even though I have no clue to what her name is, I'm definitely not going to let myself get beat up by a puny little girl who thinks she's stronger than a werewolf, I think it's my right to be able to slam her face into the ground.But it really isn't her fault, she doesn't know I'm a werewolf.Ugh, there goes sympathy.


Apparently, I have walked to school for so long that I go there automatically, like my feet know their way.Huh, I guess it's a good thing, otherwise I would have been run over a long time ago.I'd actually rather be run over than go to school today.I felt like there was some weird feeling about today, weirder than usual.Amazing,right?


 I walk up to the school, a little hesitant because of my thoughts.I know that something is going to happen today,whether it's good or bad, I just know.It seems as if I'm the only one who isn't rushing into the school.Something is holding me back from being normal, and walking into homeroom.As if I'm waiting for something.

 Then I see it.More like a... him.I have no idea who he is.Yet I know I want to.He even looks special.I don't know exactly who I'm looking at right now, but I know he's more than he seems.






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