Porcelain Hearts

Harley Black:What am I meant for?That's a common question for Harley.She's an angry "little girl",according to her teachers who have given her referrals and detentions at least twenty times.Yet she still can't help but agree with the people who make her life a living hell.But she knows something they don't.

Charlie Raven:Charlie has always been the odd one,he's always been left out,he's been labeled the "weird" boy for all of his life... until freshman year.When he fails 9th grade,he thinks his life is going to be the exact same.The poser,the snitch,all of the horrible names that had been repeated to him time and time again.Instead,the exact opposite happened.Apparently he isn't a "wannabe" like everyone said he was.All of the sudden,he's the most popular guy in freshman year.He has everything he asked for.But suddenly there is one girl who is everything his old self could've wanted.She's... different.The only catch is that she's the only thing he can't have.


1. Preface...



I call out his name in the darkness of the woods.Gosh,that boy was all over the place.I sigh,that's one of the many things we have in common.I call out his name again,a bit louder than the first time.It's not safe out in these woods,even if you have a werewolf with you.


 I'm worried when the third time I call,he still doesn't answer.Where was he?I told him not to stray away from the large oak tree near the western edge of the park.I know he isn't very smart and he probably isn't anywhere far from where the oak tree is.Some instinct inside of me tells me to stay where I am standing,but another part of me tells me to look for Charlie.


 "Hello,love,how are you doing this fine evening?" A familiar thick English accent asks.

I am paralyzed,stuck in place.I'm not sure if it was out of fear for myself,or what she has done with Charlie.

"What?No greeting?So unlike the polite little girl you are." the voice teases.

"As you can see,I have changed a bit since I was ten." I say with fake sincerity.

"Aren't you going to give me a hug?You were such a hugger."

"Not anymore."

"Aw,I didn't think a boy," she says with venom," would change you so much."

"He's not my boyfriend." I say quickly.

" I never asked you that."

"Well he's not."

I still feel like running as far away as possible and never coming back.I can't do that though.I have a responsibility to Charlie.I have to protect him.He's special... I just know it.My wolf is telling me what to do,and for once,I don't have to restrain it..

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