Tamera is a ordinary 17 year old girl but when Mysterious Harry comes along everything seems to change. People she love are suddenly dying, mysterious people show up and everything is not as it seems. Harry is not what he seems but Tamera is irrevocably in love with him.


4. Zachary

I begin to walk upstairs when my mom calls for me. I ignore her right away. I don't want to talk to her tonight. I hear loud music coming from my brothers room. What his he doing in there? I knock on his door. "What do you want mom!?" Yelled my brother Zach."Zach it's Tamera. Let me in."I responded back. He opened the door and gave me a big hug. I hugged him back.It was nice to hug my brother again. "I'm sorry I yelled at you. I thought you were Mom."he said sympathetically."It's ok. Did you know Mom is engaged!?" I said annoyed."Yeah..Bill proposed to her in the beginning of summer. I don't like him at all. He seems really suspicious. One time I saw him going through your room! But don't tell anyone I said that to you. He doesn't even know I know." Zach said worried."What!? He did. Now I hate him even more! And I promise I won't say anything." I said furiously. Thanks Tamera. I've missed you a lot. I've missed talking to someone about how I feel. I hope that didn't sound wimpy or girly. I just need someone to talk to." He said sadly. "Zach I'm always here for you. You can talk to many time. I've missed you too. I need someone to talk to too. I coudn't talk about anything with dad. And Sam was in Italy all summer. That sucked." I said calmly."Thanks Tam." Said Zach."I hate that name" I said laughing."I know" Zach said smiling."Well you should probably get to bed.Big day tomorrow!"I said sarcastically."Yeah right.The first day of school isn't that important." Said Zach Abrubtly."Goodnight Zach" I said walking out the door.

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