Tamera is a ordinary 17 year old girl but when Mysterious Harry comes along everything seems to change. People she love are suddenly dying, mysterious people show up and everything is not as it seems. Harry is not what he seems but Tamera is irrevocably in love with him.


1. Jazz

Today I would be going back home. I would see mom again and my brothers but I would miss Dad.I love visiting him in the summer. I never see him during the school year after my parents divorce."Tamera!" Called my father. "Yes?" I said. "You ready?!" He called."Yeah..Ill be down in a sec". I quickly packed all my clothes and looked around my room. I miss this house. I always loved Dad a little more than mom. I don't know why but me and my Dad have something special.I walked out of my room and made it swiftly down the black staircase. "I'll be in the car waiting for you" I said walking out of the house. I slowly walked on the smooth path towards my dad's red truck. I opened the backseat and put my suitcase in and then I opened the passenger door and got in. I turned on 101.3 and As long as you love me came on. I loved this song. I turned the radio up so loud the truck started shaking. Then I saw my dad so I turned it to his favorite music. Jazz. It was his music. I didn't like it at all. But if he likes it, I like it.
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