Tamera is a ordinary 17 year old girl but when Mysterious Harry comes along everything seems to change. People she love are suddenly dying, mysterious people show up and everything is not as it seems. Harry is not what he seems but Tamera is irrevocably in love with him.


5. Dreams

I continued walking to my room. I put my Ed Sheeran shirt on and layed down on my bed. I missed my bed and the pretty purple color of my wall. I missed my room. I layed their looking at the ceiling. I wonder how tomorrow will go. I will get to see Sam and Carson. Dylan will be there too. Dylan was my first real boyfriend. We were best friends then we took a step up and became bf and gf. I love him but I always felt something was missing when I was with him. I broke up with him the week before school ended. I hope he doesn't hate me. At about 10:30 I closed my eyes and began to dream. I saw Dylan crying in the corner. I felt bad for him. I began to walk towards him." Dylan are you ok?" I said. He got up and his face was gone. It was nothing. I began to scream and run away when he grabbed me." Tamera, you did this to me. You broke my heart. I cried so much this summer I cut my face off." He said solemnly. "I didn't mean to, I'm really sorry." I said trying not to cry." You will have to pay." Dylan said taking out a sharp object. 

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