This story is a Niall,Zayn and Harry love story. It's about a girl called Chenees Carter an ordinary girl that has a lot of secrets that she has not told anybody except for her BFF for life but when they grew up they forgot about each other or is it. Do they still remember who falls in love who breaks their hearts find out in this movella!


4. Monday

Chenees POV

**BEEP BEEP BEEP**  Argh today's the first day back from spring break.                                  I'm going to be late shit I've pressed snooze five times already I got up and looked at the clock aww half an hour to get ready for school. I have a quick shower and got changed into a pair of black shorts and a cream coloured Lacey top with studs on the shoulders and I wearied my leather jacket even though its summer.

I ran downstairs and wore my cream coloured vans which I got last Saturday. I looked at the time 8:29 I had one minute left so I grabbed the car keys and house keys and stepped out side I forgot to get my bag so I ran in the house again got my bag and shades and ran to the car. My mum has her own business so for my 18th birthday she bought me a black convertible but after a few months I finally got my drivers license. I got in and put my seat belt and shades on then started the car I finally made it at school I was going to park my car in my usual space number 12 but someone took the space so I was circling the parking lot until I found one number 2. I got out of the car  and started walking into the front gate then suddenly I heard a group of girls squealing and screaming. As I walked up to them I saw my friend Kliona but I call her Kiki for short I walked up to her It was quite hard since there were girls everywhere crying, screaming in your ear. "Hi Kiki why you lot standing here and you know 'oh my god! I can't believe it!" I started imitating the girls in the crowd. Kiki started laughing "they can't keep it in, you can't believe who's coming to our school! One direction eeeeek! I'm so excited" she squealed "say WHAT!"

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