This story is a Niall,Zayn and Harry love story. It's about a girl called Chenees Carter an ordinary girl that has a lot of secrets that she has not told anybody except for her BFF for life but when they grew up they forgot about each other or is it. Do they still remember who falls in love who breaks their hearts find out in this movella!


1. Kinder Garden Lunch

Chenees POV
'Hi Niall I have cookies today what do you have?' I asked to my one and only best friend in the whole wide world.'I have some crisps,skittles,coke,chocolate and some random toffe thing that get stuck up your teeth!' he spoke with his cute baby Irish voice.'That MUCH!' I said counting how much things he mentioned.'Yes a man needs to eat a lot to keep strong’ he said showing his arms trying to show he has muscles(but he has none).'You have no muscles Nialler and your not a man your a food beast stuck in a boys body' I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. Niall started tearing up.'Aw my baby bestie Nialler please don't cry I love because you are YOUR own style and your not afraid t be you' I said meaning every word I said I walked up to him and kissed his cheeks.'I love you too Cheniie im not going to eat all of this by myself you know' he said hugging me 'then who Nialler' I asked shocked because Niall has more than this but all by him self. 'Im going to share it with you because you only have cookies we could swap if it's okay with you?' he said shoving the bag of Doritos in my face. You breathed in the smell and let it out again 'Aaaaahhhhh yummy,ok here you go' I said shoving my cookies in his face and I took a crisp from the bag.
**end of lunch**
'Aaa Niall I feel sick,I...feel like vomit..BLEEUURRRGHHH!!' I vomited all over the floor and felt really dizzy.'Niall......' I said and started falling down faster and faster like a never ending road. Luckily I never bumped my head on the ground because Niall caught me before I nearly bumped my head.'MS DAFFODIL MS DAFFODIL YOU NEED TO COME HER CHENEES FAINDED NO I MEAN FAINTED QUICK' the sounds of people started mumbling and replaying in my head then it went all pitch black.
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