This story is a Niall,Zayn and Harry love story. It's about a girl called Chenees Carter an ordinary girl that has a lot of secrets that she has not told anybody except for her BFF for life but when they grew up they forgot about each other or is it. Do they still remember who falls in love who breaks their hearts find out in this movella!


2. Hospital

Niall's POV
Chenees said she felt sick and she wanted to vomit then she felt dizzy and then she fainted? I was really confused me my mum and Chenees mommy was in the hospital waiting for the doctersto tell us what happend.The doctor cameo ur of the door Cheniiewas in and started walking up to us he smiled and said 'Chenees is going to be fine she just got a headache but it turned into something more bigger she is okay and she woke up so now you can visit her all of you can she's in room C5' he walked away in the distant.'Mummy aunty Cartercome on' I said grabbing both of their hands and pulling them towards the door, I took a deep breath and pushed the door open...
'Nialler,Mummy, aunty Galagher I thought every body forgot about me' she said looking a bit sad.'Aww my poor baby girl no one would forget about you your amazing and if it wasn't for Niall here you would of banged your head on the stony floor' Chenees mummy said hugging her and kissing her for head.'Cheniie I've missed you so much and Ms Daffodil said me and you don't need to come school because your not feeling well and you might need someone to look after you that going to be me your mummy and mine!'i spoke with gentleness in my voice not shouting.
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