This story is a Niall,Zayn and Harry love story. It's about a girl called Chenees Carter an ordinary girl that has a lot of secrets that she has not told anybody except for her BFF for life but when they grew up they forgot about each other or is it. Do they still remember who falls in love who breaks their hearts find out in this movella!


5. Feelings never change

I started crying and ran as fast as I could, I ran because the memory's and secrets came back to me I ran I didn't have to face the people that made me cry one direction. I ran and ran until I came to a corner I turned around and bumped into some one. "Oh I'm so sor...." Oh my shit. I was out of words, standing in front of me was my true yet sorrow bringing EX-best friend Niall Horan. "Not to worry my love"he started to pick up my books then he stared at me straight in the face. "Haven't I seen you before" he said handing my books and staring and examining my body and face. " you haven't just a stranger a nobody ,bye" I ran quickly but he grabbed me by the arm and turned me around then I felt a tingle inside of me. "Chennie why did you run of like th.... NIALL HORAN!" My friend Kiki screamed "Hey your names Chennie nice to meet you I'm Niall and this I'm guessing is your friend" he said whilst hugging Kiki. He doest even remember WHO THE FUCK I AM. "It's Chenees only my friends call me Chennie and I said I need to go so go of my hand" I said with tears in the corners of my eye but before he could say anything I ran off.

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