This story is a Niall,Zayn and Harry love story. It's about a girl called Chenees Carter an ordinary girl that has a lot of secrets that she has not told anybody except for her BFF for life but when they grew up they forgot about each other or is it. Do they still remember who falls in love who breaks their hearts find out in this movella!


3. Dreams

Chenees POV 'NO!' I screamed as I started tearing up. I once again had a bad dream.Hi my name is Chenees but my friends call me Cheniie I'm just your normal 18 year old teenage girl, I have a mix of red and brown straight hair, I have choclatey brown eyes. You might be thinking wait first of all you were in kindergarden but now your 18? Well let me tell you a secret no soul has ever known exept for a boy I loved and cared about all my life a boy I cried over every night well forget about that and lets get back to the secret bit. When I was little I had the bestest friend in the whole wide world Niall James Horan. Yeah you guessed it he is that cute blue eyed leprechaun that is in one direction blah blah blah! Well carrying on me and him were both born on the same day 13 th September exactly on the same day time and year we both were put next to each other in a cot waiting to go home first we started staring at each other, then we started gurgling laughing and cooeing when our parents came they picked us up from the cot and we both started crying then our parent went back to the cot and we oth started laughing again then both our parent looked at each other confused the they both stepped back then we started crying then they came a step forward next to each other then again we laughed and cooed our parents started talking about us ad hen we were born and they made a plan that they would visit each others houses so we don't cry. When we were going home coincidently we live two houses away from us! So from then on we weren't seperatable.But when Niall won x-factor I was soo pleased for him but every time I waited for him to call or message me he never would...He forgot me like that he broke my heart and when I told people I used to be friends with him when we were little I only got teased and people kept on calling me liar. I only had 3 friends in the beginning of secondary everyone thought I was stupid and a liar. But every time I went on. 

twitter Zayn,Harry,Niall,Liam and Louise kept on following me and o n fb they kept on requesting to be friends but obviously I declined because what he did to me emotionally scared my heart and no one can mend my heart. A/N Please read my movella it will make me really happy :) And if you like it please like,comment,favourite and become a fan thank you xoxo :)

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