Teenage Dream

Spencer is a High Schooler who just wants to be a Vampire. When she meets a boy named Charlie, her life (or lives) change... FOREVER!!! And when I say forever I mean it...


1. My name is Spencer.

Hi. I'm Spencer. I'm 13. I go to Clearwater High School and all I want to be is a vampire. ALL. Then, I met Charlie. Here is the story of how my life changed.

The Beginning

"My first day of school and I already am know as a klutz." I say to my only friend Hannah. I've know her since we were 4 and in the same pre-school. "Who is that?" I ask before she can reply. A gorgeous boy had just walked by and I wanted to know. "That's Charlie. Isn't he adorable. We have math together." "OH!" I replied. I wish... WAIT!!! Does he have gold eyes? In Twilight, Edward has gold eyes. Does he? I glanced at him again. Yep. Definitely gold...

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